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Ease Your Spirit: Do You Know These 3 Types of Prayer?

by Jenny Griffiths

As a Christian, there are many types of prayers that can be prayed. When it comes to having a personal relationship with the Lord, prayer becomes more of an intimate conversation than making requests. In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Christians are instructed to pray without ceasing. You can talk to your Heavenly Father at any time during your day. Being in a constant state of prayer leads to greater peace of mind and instruction to handle life’s battles. With sisters prayer requests, you connect with other believers and learn to pray consistently.

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Why Is Prayer So Important?

Prayer is essential for any Christian. An effectual fervent prayer is one that is passionate and bold. God wants His children to approach His throne with boldness, expecting to receive from Him. It is important to always remember that God never ignores His children. He either says yes, makes you wait, or says no because He has something better.

3 Types of Prayer That Will Ease Your Spirit

New Christians sometimes find it difficult to pray. The biggest reason for problems with prayer revolves around feelings of unworthiness or feeling as if they are bothering God with their petition. When Christians realize God is a personal being and they can approach Him as such, prayers become easier. The following are three types of prayer every Christian should utilize.

1. Intercessory prayer is one of the most powerful forms of prayer. This selfless prayer focuses fully on the needs of another. One of the greatest acts a Christian can show to someone is praying for them. Petitioning God on behalf of another person moves the heart of God with compassion. When a Christian can set aside their own needs and focus on prayer for others, their faith is dramatically increased.

2. Spiritual warfare is another type of prayer that is necessary for easing your spirit when times are tough. Satan is an adversary that stalks Christians, looking for moments of weakness and capitalizing on them. When your mind is chaotic and you feel oppressed, spiritual warfare becomes essential. Not only can you fight for yourself in prayer, but it is also possible to fight for others. During this prayer, you are binding and loosing in Jesus’ name.

3. Prayers of thanksgiving are not prayed near enough in a Christian’s walk. There are two main reasons Christians should approach God with thankfulness in all things. He is your Heavenly Father and He wants to know you are grateful for the gifts He gives. Approaching God with thankfulness in your heart also brings to remembrance all your answered prayers.

Handle Life with Prayer

Most Christians know when it is difficult to stand, it is time to kneel. Kneeling before the Father allows you to learn of His character. Powerful prayers bring about miracles every day. As Christians develop a strong life of prayer, they see their prayers being answered and their faith grows.


If your prayer life is suffering, there is no better time than to reach out to God for help. He longs to hear from you and will increase your faith with each new prayer He answers. As you grow in faith and spiritual maturity, your prayers will become more effectual. Praying gives you peace of mind nothing else can.

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