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How Caring for Our Neighbours Creates a Stronger Community

Guest Blog Caring for your neighbour is important now more than ever. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc globally, though fortunately, some countries are on the …

Rosalie’s Story – Changing Attitudes and Approaches

by Leila R. Ferrari Rosalei attended the same graduate school as I did and we sometimes visited together. Although she did not choose to describe particular …

Darker Days – The History of the Home Cinema

by Amrita Bala With the growing number of video demand platforms, including tablets and mobile phone devices, it can be difficult to remember a time without …

A Stunning Blow

by Jo Elizabeth Pinto Believe me, I wish I were making this stuff up. But it all too often happens to me and many others with disabilities and differences. …

Loud People Are The Most Insecure Ones, Psychology Says

There’s always that one person in the crowd or in our group at work or in college who is the life of the party. They talk and laugh so loudly that the …

The Waltz: Death as a Gift and Teacher

by Laura Anne White The Waltz Was not how I had been taught Nor had imagined It was me, there, and her Frail hands resting like hinges Locked into my shoulder …

Rules For Life – Sharing Again

by Ken La Salle Welcome back to my continuing series of Rules For Life. Do you remember sharing? When was the last time you shared? Sharing is usually a large …

Drug Culture and Other Events of the 1970’s That Changed the United States

by Aleksandre McMenamin One of the most tumultuous and eventful periods of recent American history is the decade of the 1970’s. While the 1960’s planted …

Happy Halloween!

The Beauty of Polish Pottery

by Michell Spoden Polish people have always been known to be respectful to artists from everywhere. As learners of the arts, they have throughout centuries …

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