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Exercise and Fitness

Fitness Plan – Do You have One?

by Trish Hubschman Whenever my husband or I go to the primary doctor, she asks if we exercise. The answer is yes. After breakfast every morning, we go down to …

Why Stretching is Important in Cold Weather

by Jeff Richards You’ve heard it time and time again, stretching is important, but what about in the colder months? It’s even more important! When winter …

Top 3 Physiotherapy Treatments for Sports Performance

by Jeff Richards Everyone wants to perform at their best, right? Are you always seeking to be at your best when playing sport? Do you wish you could perform …

Top 4 Exercises for Knee Pain

by Jeff Richards Knee pain is such a common problem throughout the world and for all different reasons! The chances of feeling some type of knee pain at some …

Sprain vs Strain – What’s the Difference?

by Jeff Richards When we suffer an injury, we usually hear the terms sprain and strains. But what do they mean? What’s the difference? Is there a difference? …

Best SARMS for Sale: Why Choose Them over Steroids

Guest Blog SARMs or Selective Androgen Modulators are special kinds of molecules that are watered-down version of steroids. Many bodybuilders use them because …

What are the Benefits of Sukhasana and How to Do It?

by C. Bayer Busy lifestyle!! It’s hard to spare time to look after your health. More chances that your roster is fully packed with meetings, appointments, …

How CBD Oil is Helpful for Fitness & Sports Performance

by Kelsi Burley Exercise puts a lot of stress on the body, and with increased performance comes the need for quick recovery and a way to deal with …

Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

by Emily Pham Nowadays, because of many bad habits such as smoking, overeating of fat, stress, being lazy of taking exercise, etc., people, especially the …

Back Toning: Effective Way to Burn Back Fat

by Herman Tugimin Beauty and body fitness is one of the important things that a woman desire in life. There are several ways in achieving this, especially when …

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