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Can Brain Games Fend Off Mental Decline?

Clive Thompson’s article “Can Video Games Fend Off Mental Decline?” raises the interesting and important question of how to make use of our aging brains …

Is Alpha Brain Really the Best Nootropic Supplement Out There?

Guest Blog Have you heard about smart drugs yet? And did you know that coffee is classified as one of those? If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am …

Brain Injury through the Lens of the Law

by James Lambka At about 30% of all deaths, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the major causes of death and disability in the US (CDC). Every day, 153 …

This is Your Brain on Power

A friend shared an interesting article with me a few weeks ago. The article appears in the current issue of the Atlantic and presents research from the fields …

The Type Of Daydreaming Linked To A Smarter Brain – PsyBlog

Some types of mind wandering may be highly beneficial to our brains, and our futures. Intentional daydreaming is linked to a thicker cortex (a good thing) in …

How Lying Changes Your Brain

by John Gary How does a person become a liar? Can anyone become a seasoned liar? Popular wisdom tells us lying gets easier with time. Now science is proving …

10 Interesting Facts About Your Nervous System

John Gary Human nervous system is the most complicated system among all systems of our body and considered as an internal electrical wiring of the body. It …

Best 7 Tips for Students to Release Their Stress

by Jenny Richards Stress can affect negatively in the mindset of students ruining their career and life as well. According to a survey, people ageing from 13 …

Recovering from the Long-Term Effects of Automobile Accidents

by Sara Stringer  If you’ve ever been in a serious automobile accident, you know that recovery can be challenging. From physical hardships to mounting …

What Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Is and Is Not

by Dr. Jesse Viner of Yellowbrick Many people will blame bad moods and depression this time of year on the lack of sunlight throughout the day.  The medical …

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