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10 Interesting Facts About Your Nervous System

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John Gary

Human nervous system is the most complicated system among all systems of our body and considered as an internal electrical wiring of the body. It consists of an intricate network of nerve cells and fibers. These nerve cells transmit messages to and from the brain to all parts of body in form of nerve impulses. Brain sends and receives messages via spinal cord. Nervous system is divided into two main systems; central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Various components like glial, neurons, cells and axon help in sending nerve signals all around the body.


Interesting facts about nervous system

The thorough understanding of nervous system lets you enjoy the fun and interesting facts about your nervous system which are not commonly known by everyone.

  • The most amazing fact is the number of stars in a milky way is less than the number of nerve cells in a human body. There are 100 billion neurons occupying our brain than can make a 600-mile-long line if arranged accordingly.
  • The left side of a human body is controlled by the right side of our brain. Whereas the right side of our body is controlled by the left side of our brain. All the neurons of our body are not of equal size. The sizes vary from 4 to 100 microns’ diameter.
  • The growth rate of neurons is 250,000 per minute in a child which is under development stage inside the womb of a pregnant lady. When the time comes for a healthy baby to come out from his mother’s womb then the number of nerve cells in the baby’s brain reach to 10 million.
  • The number of neurons in a human spinal cord is 13,500,000. The most sensitive nerves are located in the form of a cluster at the base of spinal cord.
  • In average adult males, the weight of brain is 1375 grams which greater than the weight of brain in average women that is 1275 grams. Greater weight does not define that men are more intelligent than women.
  • The brain starts losing its weight by one gram every year as we age with time. At a time only four percent of brain cells are active in a human body while the rest of the 96% brain cells are at reserve.
  • The mood disorders are linked with the receptors and chemical processes of our brain.
  • Three important elements are necessary for the proper functioning of our nervous system which are sodium ions, potassium and Vitamin B.
  • The response of nervous system is very quick. The high rate of impulse transmission is 100 meters per second. The tremendous speed of transmitting impulses to the brain can be 180 miles per hour.
  • The 43 various pairs of nerves connect the central nervous system to all parts of our body. Twelve pairs of nerves are connected to the brain and the rest of the 31 pairs of nerves are connected to the spinal cord of our body which makes it more important to maintain a healthy spine posture.

The complexity and intricacy of a nervous system is what makes a human body delicate and hard to understand. Nothing is impossible for the dedicated researchers and scientists nowadays.

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