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What Others Think

by Abbie Johnson Taylor Several years ago, a totally blind friend lost one of her two little dogs. Since the other is getting on in years and not long for this …

A Day in My Life at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing

by Patty L. Fletcher “What do you do all day?” That’s the question I get asked a lot by people who have no clue whatsoever what it means to run one’s …

Worrying about Worrying

by Thomas Harrison But somewhere in my soul, I know I’ve met the thing before. –Real Riches, Emily Dickinson It is healthy to worry. It is okay to worry. …

Cable TV vs Live Streaming – Is the Choice Determined by Costs?

For millions of TV lovers, the choice between watching favorite entertainment programs is one between cable TV versus online streaming. There are various …

Moving and Other Life-Changing Situations

by Sara Stringer Many Situations and a Necessary Move There are many situations in life that can require a person to make a move across the country or even …

Fall Days

by Evelyn Horan I know summer must end as seasons all do, and this summer has been quite warm and sometimes uncomfortable. Our faithful air conditioner in this …

Vision Through The Years

by Evelyn Horan Ever since I told my mom when I was ten years old that trees looked like big lollipops, I have been a constant wearer of eyeglasses for the …

Do You Remember When There Was No Air Conditioning?

by Evelyn Horan Just recently on one of these hot “dog-days” of summer that are common where I live, I was reminded of how much I appreciate our air …

Man – Well, Woman in This Case – Plans and God Laughs

by Sara Stringer Things do not always go as planned. To put it another way: man plans and God laughs. Sometimes the things that go wrong are little—we …

What is the Importance of Positive Nursing Workplace Environment?

by Frank Ross A positive work environment is vital for nursing practice, care and safety of patients and public. A poor work environment not only affects the …

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