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Life Goes On Despite Miller Moths and Facebook Fits

by Abbie Johnson Taylor Here in Sheridan, Wyoming, the sky is dark with clouds that could be an indicator of either smoke or rain. We’re supposed to get a …

What Others Think

by Abbie Johnson Taylor Several years ago, a totally blind friend lost one of her two little dogs. Since the other is getting on in years and not long for this …

A Day in My Life at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing

by Patty L. Fletcher “What do you do all day?” That’s the question I get asked a lot by people who have no clue whatsoever what it means to run one’s …

Worrying about Worrying

by Thomas Harrison But somewhere in my soul, I know I’ve met the thing before. –Real Riches, Emily Dickinson It is healthy to worry. It is okay to worry. …

Cable TV vs Live Streaming – Is the Choice Determined by Costs?

For millions of TV lovers, the choice between watching favorite entertainment programs is one between cable TV versus online streaming. There are various …

Moving and Other Life-Changing Situations

by Sara Stringer Many Situations and a Necessary Move There are many situations in life that can require a person to make a move across the country or even …

Fall Days

by Evelyn Horan I know summer must end as seasons all do, and this summer has been quite warm and sometimes uncomfortable. Our faithful air conditioner in this …

Vision Through The Years

by Evelyn Horan Ever since I told my mom when I was ten years old that trees looked like big lollipops, I have been a constant wearer of eyeglasses for the …

Do You Remember When There Was No Air Conditioning?

by Evelyn Horan Just recently on one of these hot “dog-days” of summer that are common where I live, I was reminded of how much I appreciate our air …

Man – Well, Woman in This Case – Plans and God Laughs

by Sara Stringer Things do not always go as planned. To put it another way: man plans and God laughs. Sometimes the things that go wrong are little—we …

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