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Lost in Our Own Backyard

by Patty Fletcher It was so quiet when we stepped on that early Sunday morning, you could hear the crickets hopping through the grass. The night things were …

I Broke My Ankle

by Trish Hubschman November 22, 2016 It was getting late. Kevin would be home from work in an hour. I decided to settle myself in my favorite recliner in the …

Note to a Local Convenience Store Clerk

by Jo Elizabeth Pinto If I seemed brusque with you when I bought my daughter a Slurpee® and left the store a while ago, it was because I didn’t want to …

My First Cochlear Implant Surgery: The Untold Story

by Trish Hubschman Long island, October 21, 2002. The day was finally here. I was going to have cochlear implant surgery. I’d overcome so many hurdles to get …

Over The Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids – What You Need to Know

by Dr. Renee Flanagan If you suffer from hearing loss, the only solution at the moment is to have a pair of FDA regulated hearing aids fitted by an Audiologist …

Eye for an Eye

by Jo Elizabeth Pinto On February 25, 2021, I had both of my eyes surgically removed. Since I’ve been blind all my life, the operation wasn’t quite …

My Life Disabled

by Trish Hubschman I’m deaf/blind and have walking/balance issues. I have a progressive neurological condition. Nobody has ever been able to figure out what …

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Career If You are Suffering From Hearing Loss

by Jenny Griffiths In the not too distant past, many individuals with hearing loss were not permitted to work “regular” jobs for fear they would be …

Alfredo Zotti – My Creative Life with Bipolar Disorder Hi, my name is Alfredo and I am an Italian immigrant–I emigrated to Australia from Italy in 1974. …

What It’s Really About

by Ann Chiappetta, M.S. Challenges come in different formats. What I mean to say is that, as a user of assistive technology who is blind, I often encounter …

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