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Me and My Migraines

by Lev Raphael My first migraine hit when my mother died twenty years ago at the end of many years of dementia and silence. As children of chronically ill …

Easy Ways to Tend to Health at Home

by Bekka Laurent What does that really mean? I hear it all the time, “Healthy is too complicated and expensive”. Well I’m here today to hopefully …

Carpal Tunnel Surgery – I Finally Did It

by Trish Hubschman I put It off for five years. Now it was time. The stiffness in my fingers and pain were unbearable. When the orthopedist asked if I’d …

5 Tips to Live a Balanced Healthy Life

by Neer Tiwari This is the wish of every individual that he/she wants to live a healthy and amazing life. Some people want to gain weight and lose weight, some …

Is Sitting A Real Pain? Three Ways to Conquer Sciatica

by Janae Arnold The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body, providing communication to the muscles in your legs and feet. If the nerve becomes …

Is There a Link Between Migraine and the Unhealthy Gut

by Johnny Bonds We know that Migraine affects digestion that’s why people experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, constipation. These also happen to be signs …

5 Ways to Manage Inflammation Naturally

by Jeff Richards If you experience chronic inflammation due to something like arthritis, or you’re experiencing acute inflammation due to injury, there are …

Why Physiotherapy Should be Included in Your Self-Care Routine

by Jeff Richards Self-care is one of those trendy words nowadays, but self-care isn’t all expensive bath products or taking yourself on lavish trips. It can …

Eye Floaters: What They Are & How to Manage Them

by Jeff Richards Have you ever looked up at the sky and noticed a squiggly line float in and out of your vision? Or perhaps you’re doing schoolwork and see …

Heal Your Body Correctly After Surgery

by Sara Stringer The Hardest Part Is Done You are such an amazing organism. Your body has survived heart surgery while being cut by knives, lasers, and more. …

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