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Some Early Signs of Dementia and Preventive Measures against It

by Tom Peterson Dementia refers to a range of symptoms which affect a person’s cognitive functioning; especially their capacity to remember, reason and …

Senior Citizens and Casinos

by Evelyn Horan Do you live in an area where there are gaming Casinos? In Southern California, in earlier years, when we thought of stage entertainment and fun …

3 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of Green Tea

by Emily Pham Do you want to be forever young? Do you want your skin smooth and healthy forever? There is a fact that most of us can never fight against the …

Not Spry

by Mary Hiland Have you ever asked someone for an opinion about something you own or some aspect of your appearance or personality, and the response is not …

Recapturing the Youthful Look with Injectables and Fillers

by John Gary What happens to skin as it ages? Collagen and elastin break down causing the skin to sag. Fat and muscle tone decrease, taking the healthy plume …

7 Things to Check before Joining a Retirement Community

by John Gary Retirement communities are a boom for elders in the modern age lifestyle. There are many elderly people around us who want to live the golden …

Four Things You Didn’t Know About Anti-Aging

by John Gary Things people don’t know about Anti-Aging People don’t really know that the thing we do in our everyday lives can cause anti-aging like …

Want to Age Slow? Mediterranean Diet Could be Your Answer

Various regions of the world have a range of different food cultures and when it comes to the question of what is healthier to eat, it’s difficult to reach a …

How Recreational Activities Can Make You Feel Better in Your 60s

by John Gary Once we reach a certain age, it seems as though the body stops working correctly. Muscles do not stretch as they used to and it can make it seem …

Plastic Surgery Options to Look Young in Your 40s

by John Gary As we get older, we begin to see the wrinkles and fine lines along the facial area and understand that we are aging. Most people do not look …

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