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How Recreational Activities Can Make You Feel Better in Your 60s

by John Gary

Once we reach a certain age, it seems as though the body stops working correctly. Muscles do not stretch as they used to and it can make it seem like you cannot possibly move for extended periods of time. Around the age of 60, many people tend to give up and just let illness or physical limitations take over. However, if one simply begins to move on a regular basis, the body will bounce back and feel great! Recreational activities are a great way to get back in shape and feel young again; feeling better than ever before.??????????????

Movement is always important no matter what your age, but especially for seniors. As we get older, the body starts to realize the toll we have placed on the bones, joints and muscles. It is important to keep the body moving once you reach your 60s to keep these body parts and components fresh and working. Staying active is a great way to do this. There are many ways to stay active in your 60s that will not only allow you to feel great but also make new friends. Below is a list of activities you can try to stay in shape and feel better physically.


One of the best and easiest activities for seniors is simply walking. You can walk around your neighborhood, a nearby track, or even at the mall. Seniors will find that there are groups who get together and walk together to stay active as well as interact with others. Find out if your town offers a local walking group to start feeling better. If there is no group available to you, start your own! You will find that people will be willing to join and you will have a great time in the process. Walking places very little stress on the body but gives you the movement you need to physically feel well.


Another sport that seniors tend to enjoy is Tennis. This game can be played rigorously if you are in great shape or at a leisurely pace. By simply hitting the tennis ball in a repetitive motion with a partner, you will be working out your arms and upper body. You can also begin to add in movement by lightly jogging after the ball once you have gotten used to the activity. This is a great sport that can allow you to have fun outdoors and exercise with a friend. Tennis is a perfect exercise option for senior couples to be active together.


Women really enjoy aerobics classes and this is another great way for seniors to stay in shape. Attend classes by yourself or with friends and family members. Local gyms, the YMCA, or senior care facilities can provide aerobics classes at different skill levels so you can start with something low impact and then work your way up to a more intense class.


To really get the muscles moving and body active, yoga or Pilates can be a great place to start. With these two exercise options, you will be stretching the body and warming up your muscles. With regular practice, you will be able to remain fit and trim, enjoying the physical effects of the movement.


One of the more fun recreational activities for you to enjoy is swimming. Visit with your friends or family a nearby pool and swim laps or take a water aerobics class. Perhaps you live by the beach or a lake where you can swim? The options are endless and you will find the activity allows you to feel good and get in shape. Swimming gives you a feeling of weightlessness and allows you to work muscles without feeling like you are actually working out!

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