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Bereavement Counseling – What to Do When You Need One

Guest Blog There comes a time in a person’s life when you experience the demise of a loved one, and your response to this loss is grief. Getting used to this …

How Muses Are Healing Me

by Julie Mariouw I can hardly remember what it was like before they came. I just know that one day they showed up during a workshop I was teaching. It wasn’t …

Who likes to Cook? – The Disabled View

by Trish Hubschman Some people enjoy cooking. Some don’t. I’m amongst the second group. Luckily, my husband is a great cook, or we’d be eating grilled …

Searching for the Right Words

by Jo Elizabeth Pinto My seventh grader has a good friend who lives on the next block. The friend forgot a book at our house last week. We went out of town for …

Cribbage, 1971

by Abbie Johnson Taylor “Nine in a crib, oh boy,” Grammy says, gazing at her hand. “You wouldn’t know a crib from a rattlesnake,” Granddad quips. …

Overcome Adversity to Live Better

by Karen L Hughes Life is our World Stage. We never know the hand we are dealt nor what we will do with our deck. Even when we try to shuffle it, we sometimes …

Of Honor and Blue Stars

by Ann Chiappetta The soldier’s stance keeps him in good posture, shoulders straight, ready for action. Confidence and training come through during target …

Save the Cat Writes a Novel

The subtitle of Save the Cat Writes a Novel by Jessica Brody, claims to be “The Last Book on Novel Writing You’ll Ever Need.” The author could be right. …

Self-esteem – Mom’s, Dad’s or My Own

by Trish Hubschman What is self-esteem? According to Webster’s dictionary, it’s the confidence and satisfaction in one’s self. Where does it come from? …

Technology Love Story

by Ann Chiappetta I am a beautiful nerd. I love my technology, drool over new gadgets and would have two computers if I could afford it. Well, I do own an …

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