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Guillaume Campanacci on Smiling in a Suicidal Role

David Lynch once praised Guillaume Campanacci as an exceptionally talented actor. But as the credits in his new movie Whenever I’m Alone With You (2023) show, he wears creative hats in multiple roles in the project – screenwriter, director, and of course actor. Here’s a little chat with Guillaume Campanacci about his movie and talent.

Guillaume Campanacci

Image @ Guillaume Campanacci

Tell us a bit what Whenever I’m Alone With You is about?

Whenever I’m Alone With You (France, 91 min) is a Godardian, French New Wave, Punk anti-Romantic Comedy all shot in the South of France. Vesper, my whole family including my 98 year old grandma, and myself all play our own roles.

In the beautiful South of France, Guillaume is a suicidal Frenchman. Vedrana is a ballerina from Sarajevo slowly dying in a loveless relationship. She is determined to make him love again, but Guillaume’s former fiancée shows up at his doorstep, pregnant with his child.

What is notably French about the movie?

The film is 2/3 in English and 1/3 in French. Moreover, it is set in the south of France, and is reminiscent of the French New Wave. And I almost forgot, I am French!

Was the screenplay in French?

No the screenplay was all written in English by Vesper and I.

How is your character in this movie different from your previous acting roles?

My character is myself, but not myself at the same time. A version of myself in a different universe with a different set of circumstances that could never exist. My character is very depressed and suicidal; I have a smile on my face.

You have worked with David Lynch and been praised by him as an exceptional actor. Tell us how Lynch has inspired you in your filmmaking ventures?

I don’t think there is anything Lynchian in Whenever I’m Alone With You but he inspired me a lot for my first feature film Devils in Disguise, a psychological thriller about a love triangle. Watch it online on YouTube, it was watched 27 million times!

How has your experience of filmmaking changed with the advances in technology over the years?

I had the chance to start filmmaking with the boom of DSLR cameras, which helped democratize it so much. Since then I didn’t see much change. But we are about to experience a dramatic change with AI. Soon we won’t be needed anymore to make films, from writing the script to shooting (what shoot? Just use prompts).
I will still be telling stories around the campfire.

So what are your plans for Whenever I’m Alone With You?

The reception and critics have already been insane. In 4 months, the film went to 15 festivals and won 18 awards. Amongst them:

World Premiere @ Oldenburg International Film Festival
Best Actress @ Matera International Film Festival
Best Actor/Best Actress @ 35th Girona Film Festival
Best Film/Best Directors/ Best Editing @ TIFA Sao Paulo
Best Indie Feature Film @ Cannes World Film Festival
Best Director @ IndieFEST
Best Ensemble Cast @ Red Movies Awards.

The plan is more festivals, a US Premiere, an Asian Premiere, a Canadian Premiere. We are searching for a sales rep/distributor. You can buy the film or even become one of its producers here:

Have you done any documentary filmmaking and/or plan to do so in near future?

I never did. Whenever I’m Alone With You has some documentary elements almost when my family is on screen playing their own roles. All my next projects are fiction:

-SPOILED, about my fucked-up life as a model in Asia.
-The adaptation of the memoir of the biggest drug smuggler of the ‘90s.
-A new film with my family.
-A TV show set in Cannes.

Thank you Guillaume and wish you the best ahead.

Thank you so much Ernest!

Visit to see Guillaume Campanacci’s filmmaking credits.

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