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Finding Faith in the Call of the Wild

by Patty Fletcher Sitting down at my desk after a morning walk and rousing game of tug with my Seeing Eye Dog Guide Blue and a cuttle with my senior cat Prince …

Thor’s Day – A Mile’s Worth of Release and Renewal

by Patty Fletcher Today is my verist favorite day of the entire week. In my faith, Thor’s Day is a time of attracting more of what you have. We encourage …

Meditation, Visualization, and the Savior Figure

by Selah Grenewood In meditation, we are not creating a narrative, simply being. We visualize to help us achieve something. However, during that visualization …

Guided Meditation – Connect With Your Subconscious

by Shawna Allard For thousands of years, meditation was an essential part of human life, especially in oriental traditions. In the past decades, the so-called …

How Do I Go On?

by Evelyn Horan “Alma, I’m having a difficult time without his caring love. What can I substitute for this emptiness I feel in my heart without …

Benefits of Devoting Yourself to Daily Morning Prayer

Guest Blog Since the theological era, philosophers in all walks of life have long been questioning the existence of a divine supernatural being that held our …

Sharlene’s Story – Freedom from Control Issues

by Leila R. Ferrari Sharlene has been a close friend since early graduate school days. As with my graduate school friend Vivian, we went through study groups …

Ease Your Spirit: Do You Know These 3 Types of Prayer?

by Jenny Griffiths As a Christian, there are many types of prayers that can be prayed. When it comes to having a personal relationship with the Lord, prayer …

How You Can Improve Your Life through Nurturing a Connection to God

by Jenny Griffiths The Christian walk is not always an easy one. The devil is certainly an adversary and his job is to destroy as much as possible. Jesus told …

What Does ‘Higher Power’ Mean When You Don’t Believe in God?

by Aurora McCausland There are a lot of different aspects to health. When you think of a healthy being, you generally just think about the health you can see …

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