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Should You Consider SMART Recovery Programs?

by Trix Mejia In the few decades since its inception, the SMART Recovery methodology has started to gain both acclaim and notoriety in addiction treatment …

Competing with a Friend’s Addiction: When Enough is Finally Enough

by Patty L. Fletcher Not long ago, I read the astrological forecast of a dear friend. The prediction stated that he was the type of person who gave off mixed …

10 Dangerous Misconceptions about Drug Rehab

by Trix Mejia Compared to other areas of medicine, addiction treatment is still a relatively new field. Over the few decades that modern substance …

5 Simple Steps to Check Your Phone Addiction

by Shuba R. People are spending more time in the virtual world and less and less time in the real world. Everywhere you see, while walking, driving, riding the …

Drug War: Michael Sena’s Story

by Trish Hubschman November 8, 2016, my husband, Kevin, left the house super early that morning so he could stop at the library to vote for the U.S. President …

Veterans War with Addiction: Why It Might Be Harder for Veterans to Ask for Help

by Mia Barnes When military personnel return home from war or active combat, many only have a few bruises and scrapes to show for it. Some people may consider …

Warning Signs of Alcoholism to Watch Out For

by Alex McLay  Drinking alcohol is a common leisure activity that people enjoy especially on a night out with friends. Consumption of alcohol in moderate …

7 Effective Tips for Achieving Early Alcohol-Free Sobriety

by Jessica Ann Numerous people get rid of their drinking habits by going to rehabilitation centres or changing their routines. However, even when you have quit …

Life-Altering Changes You May Need to Consider to Recover from Addiction

by Aubrey Johnstone Addiction is no joke. It’s not an illness that you recover from with medication and rest. Those who suffer from addiction know that it is …

Managing Alcohol Addiction in a World of Temptation

by Aubrey Johnstone It’s a rare occasion to go out with friends or co-workers and not have a drink, no matter what your upbringing, societal status or …

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