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Home Improvement Trends to Look Forward To in 2022

Guest Blog Home is the reflection of its owner, and that is why people try to keep their houses as good as they can. Though every individual has his own choice …

Reminiscing With Recipes: Homemade Hobos

by Patty Fletcher We’ve all got great childhood memories about learning to cook with someone. Whether a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or favorite family …

Who likes to Cook? – The Disabled View

by Trish Hubschman Some people enjoy cooking. Some don’t. I’m amongst the second group. Luckily, my husband is a great cook, or we’d be eating grilled …

15 Tips on Turning Your Home Into a Self-Care Sanctuary

by Jaclyn Crawford Your home is more than a shelter for your and your family. It is a place that you can decorate and modify to cater to your specific needs so …

3 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good

by Richard Clayton Smell is one of the most powerful senses – and as Discover magazine reports, it’s probably more powerful than you think. While …

How to Make Green Manure for Your Garden

by Tristan Kavanagh Many individuals who garden are aware of the hazards that animals have on the environment. Resulting in the use of plant-based fertilisers …

4 Things to Consider in Choosing Alkaline Water Pitcher

by Richie Browny Choosing an alkaline water pitcher from the variety of options can be confusing. That’s why we have compiled for you a comprehensive how-to …

How Mattresses and a Mattress Pads Can Improve Your Sleep

Guest Blog For some people, just sleeping in any bed is more than enough, and they might spend years using the same low-quality mattress. Believe it or not, …

The Benefits Of Ethical Gardening: How You Can Make A Difference

by Luke Fitzpatrick Climate issues. Sustainability. Ethical living. These aren’t just buzz words. They’re real-world problems that we all need to face …

How to Know When Fridge Water Tastes Bad

Guest Blog Drinking fresh water to clench your thirst is always satisfying. If you have a dispenser on you fridge for ice-cold water, then your summer can …

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