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Planning a Home Remodel That Actually Pays Off

by Jesse Hughes

Whether you’ve just moved in or have been living in your home for many years; a remodel is an exciting time. This is your opportunity to stamp your own mark on the property. However, not all remodels are equal. You need to plan a home remodel that actually pays off.

The first step you need to take is to decide why you’re considering the remodel. If you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll need to focus on items that make the house more appealing without personalizing it too much. If you have no intention of selling then your options are generally much wider.


Do the Sums

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing the remodel for yourself or for potential buyers; you need to do the sums. This means working out how much the remodel will cost and then finding out how much difference it will make to the value of your home.

If you’re selling this is a critical factor; there is generally no point in spending more than you’ll get back.

Of course if you’re just doing it for  yourself then the increased value is of less interest; but it is still useful to know the figures.

Consider Cladding

One of the most effective home remodel options is to clad your house. There are many different external cladding options; one of which is sure to appeal to your personal taste.

The great thing about cladding is that it will give your home an instant facelift; making it more appealing. It should also add value. But, of more interest is the fact that it will provide an extra layer of insulation for your home; helping to reduce your energy bills.

That’s why it will actually pay off; in more than one way.

Don’t forget you’ll need to consider the style of the other houses in your area before you start.


This is one room that almost always pays off. Not only does it continue to be the heart of the home but it is also the spot that most buyers look at first.

Your kitchen can be ripped out and replaced or simply remodeled by replacing cupboard doors and countertops. This makes it an affordable remodel and one that will help you to get your money back.

It is worth noting that the bathroom is also generally a good remodel project that actually pays off.

Windows & Doors

In a similar way to cladding, these can be a great remodeling project. New windows and doors will help your home to stand out in a good way. They will also increase the security of your home and can improve the heat retention inside your property;

As an added bonus this type of remodel will help to show people that your home is looked after; an important consideration if you’re house-proud or looking to sell.


Before you start your remodeling project, it is worth considering the state of the housing market and whether this will affect the ability for a remodel project to pay off or not.

You may also be entitled to tax rebates or even grants to help with the cost of the remodel; it’s worth checking out what’s on offer!

About the Author

Jesse Hughes has carved out its niche in the interior design world with a dynamic, exuberant style, unfettered by fleeting trends and underpinned by a unique creativity. Jesse has broken the mould for high-end interiors, eschewing the ‘just finished’ look to embrace the layering of carefully sourced materials, one-off pieces and commissioned artworks with their client’s own collection. This approach has brought a refreshing authenticity to his writing and has built up an enviable word-of-mouth reputation for elegant and sophisticated design.

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