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Understanding Mindfulness Without Judgment

by Darian Slayton Fleming Mindfulness means being aware on purpose in the present moment without judgment. In this series I have been unpacking this …

Being in the Present Moment Using Mindfulness

by Darian Slayton Fleming This series is about the meaning of mindfulness and how to apply it in your life. The first article defined mindfulness emphasizing …

Using Mindfulness to Live Life Intentionally

by Darian Slayton Fleming In my article What is Mindfulness and How Do You Apply it in your Life, I defined the concept of mindfulness and discussed its …

The Red Stuff

by Abbie Johnson Taylor For six years, despite my limited vision, I cared for my late husband, who was totally blind and suffered two strokes that paralyzed …

What Is Mindfulness and How Do You Apply It In Your Life?

by Darian Slayton Fleming Do you freeze up or shut down when confronted by conflict? Do you wish you had more control over your reactions? Is life so stressful …

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure!

by Jeff Richards There are many forms of injury prevention when it comes to your physical conditioning. You might be doing some of them already but if you …

Avoiding Relapse in the Time of Coronavirus

by Melissa Holmes Goodmon Recovery is not a straight line. Life throws things at you. Whether it’s a bad day at work, an argument with a loved one, recovery …

How to Find the Best CBD Black Friday Deal

Guest Blog As soon as it was introduced to the market, cannabidiol made a real boom. Since then, interest and demand for these products have been growing. CBD …

Get Legal Help If You Are a Victim of Any One of These Common Personal Injury Cases

Guest Blog The occurrence of injuries and accidents is fairly common, and it leaves the affected person in a state of turmoil especially if it is serious. The …

6 Excellent Reasons You Should File a Personal Injury Claim

by Lisa Smith Have you been in an accident or otherwise suffered harm because of someone else’s negligence? If that’s a situation you’re facing, you may …

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