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Why Is A Teen So Easily Seduced?

by Jackie Kendall Teens being seduced by Cyber predators is just a modern version of predators who have existed for centuries. These predators whether past or …

Searching for the Right Words

by Jo Elizabeth Pinto My seventh grader has a good friend who lives on the next block. The friend forgot a book at our house last week. We went out of town for …

Corporal Punishment

by Abbie Johnson Taylor In the fall of 1968, after my brother Andy was born, I started second grade at the Arizona State School for the Deaf and Blind in …

How to Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday During Difficult Times

by Alycia Coloma It can be hard to put on a happy face and make birthdays feel special when your family is going through a difficult time. Whether it be that …

How to Protect Children’s Mental Health During a Divorce

by Beau Peters There is a divorce in the U.S. every 13 seconds. That equates to over 2 million divorces each year. Many couples who get divorced have children …

Craig Harvey reads Float: A Guide to Letting Go

Craig Harvey reads Float: A Guide to Letting go by Aimee Ruland Float: A Guide to Letting Go seeks to encourage children to process their emotions gently and …

Craig Harvey reads Please Explain Anxiety to Me

Craig Harvey reads Please Explain “Anxiety” to Me by Dr. Laurie Zelinger What’s happening to me? This book translates anxiety from the jargon …

Sam Feels Better Now! Read by author Jill Osborne Sam saw something awful and scary! Ms. Carol, a special therapist, will show Sam how to feel better. Children can …

Depression in Kids: What Parents Can Do to Help

by Andrew Carroll Depression is not the equivalent of sadness. It is a serious medical condition that harms your child’s ability to connect with friends, …

Pokemon in the Park

by J. E. Pinto I admit, when my kid first asked me to take her to the city park near our house so she could catch Pokemon on my cell phone, I wasn’t …

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