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Eight-Year-Old Reading Adult Books

by Jackie Kendall

young girl books

During the holidays while on FaceTime with Abigail (Ben’s firstborn) she mentioned wanting to show me something. She walks down into their basement that has living room, guest room, bath and mini-library. She then says to me, “Mimi, do you know what I have been doing lately down here in the basement?” I replied, “No idea sweet girl!” She shares the following that rocked Mimi’s soul to her core!  She said, “Mimi, when my siblings are going to watch a movie that I have seen MANY TIMES, I go down to the basement and I go to the shelf where all your books are and I take all your books Mimi and set them all across the couch. As I look at each book, I decided which book I am going to read a couple pages.”

She proceeds to tell me the ones that she has begun reading. As she showed me the books all lined up, I spotted the first devotional book I wrote and I squealed, “Abigail open the devotional book and look at the table of content for the devotional titled “Doodles the Poodle and Me.” Abigail finds it and begins to read the story to me and when she was done she said, “What an amazing miracle Mimi!” Tears filled my eyes as she began to tell me about reading a few pages in “Surrender Your Junior God Badge” and the week before she was reading a little from “Lady in Waiting”.

Abigail just turned 8 and she is reading Mimi’s books. It was a Christmas gift for my heart. 

“Stories we have heard and known, stories our ancestors handed down to us. We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the LORD and His power and His might wonders.” 


(Psalm 78:3,4)

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