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Kind Conversation and the Kitty Cat connection

by Patty L. Fletcher It was Saturday morning, the day stretched before me with grand possibility. The week past had been all but grueling and I was ready for …

Understanding Mindfulness Without Judgment

by Darian Slayton Fleming Mindfulness means being aware on purpose in the present moment without judgment. In this series I have been unpacking this …

Downtown Vancouver Counselling And Therapy Sessions

Guest Blog Are you going through a life transition? Have you recently been feeling alienated? There is nothing shameful in discussing your emotions with a …

Kindness Can Defuse Any Situation

by Patty L. Fletcher Today, started at just after 6 AM with me breaking one of my rules and reading Facebook notifications before my morning’s routine of …

My First Cochlear Implant Surgery: The Untold Story

by Trish Hubschman Long island, October 21, 2002. The day was finally here. I was going to have cochlear implant surgery. I’d overcome so many hurdles to get …

Speak Life

by Butterfly Thomas A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling deeply discouraged. I started ruminating on many times people who were supposed to encourage me, …

And Then There Was the Loving

by Patty L. Fletcher On September 24, 2020, life as I knew it changed irrevocably. The death of my beloved Campbell left a jagged hole in the very fabric of my …

5 Tips to Live a Balanced Healthy Life

by Neer Tiwari This is the wish of every individual that he/she wants to live a healthy and amazing life. Some people want to gain weight and lose weight, some …

Over The Counter (OTC) Hearing Aids – What You Need to Know

by Dr. Renee Flanagan If you suffer from hearing loss, the only solution at the moment is to have a pair of FDA regulated hearing aids fitted by an Audiologist …

Competing with a Friend’s Addiction: When Enough is Finally Enough

by Patty L. Fletcher Not long ago, I read the astrological forecast of a dear friend. The prediction stated that he was the type of person who gave off mixed …

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