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Stinger Scott: Drawing Attention to Academic Fraud

When I wrote the script for the short film Stinger Scott, I was responding to a creative challenge posted on Stage 32, the networking site for film people. …

Earn Your Medical Coding Degree While Living in the UK

by Jenny Griffiths Do you have dreams of living abroad and earning a degree? Thanks to technology, anything is possible. There are between 125,000 and 157,000 …

How Long Should Your Online Course Videos Be?

by Sarah Cordiner A common question asked by new course creators is ‘how long should my online course be’? The quick answer to this is that the value of a …

How to Deal with Stress over Providing Your Child with Better Education

by Isabel William  It’s completely normal and logical that every parent wants only the best for their child, but the truth is that the majority of parents …

A Guide to Help You Save for Your Child’s Education

by Shiv Nanda No doubt education is important. But the costs are a major concern. If you want your child to have a good education, you need to have a plan in …

Ten Fun Facts about Pi Day

by Monica Mendoza The first three digits of Pi (π) is 3.14. Because of that, math lovers celebrate this iconic irrational number every year on March 14 or …

Tom’s Story – Balance and Focus

by Leila R. Ferrari As a school principal at the residential center, Tom was well liked and supportive of students and staff alike. He had a listening ear and …

Learning as a Personal Experience for Young Adults!

by Steve Sonntag Learning can be both a wonderful and challenging experience for students. It is wonderful when students can become inspired and motivated. …

Considering Students’ Learning Styles in Preparing School Curricula

by Ann Harrison In a classroom that is oftentimes filled with as many as 35 students, it may seem a bit daunting to teach so many students, when each student …

Top Accredited Nursing Schools in Maine

by Rick Dale In case you live in Maine and want to study nursing, then the first thing that you will need is a list of universities and colleges. Well, with …

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