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Borrowing for Business: How Libraries Can Help You Grow Your Venture

by Patricia Hill

Whether you’re a new, up-and-coming or experienced business owner, you need all the help you can get to compete. This means utilizing every available resource, including those more often overlooked. Yes, libraries can be an excellent source of knowledge, as well as a free working space and hub for community learning. This article explores how you and your business could benefit.


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Resources for Building Business Acumen

The most immediate benefit that libraries offer to entrepreneurs is access to a wide range of business-related texts. From titles like “Good to Great” by Jim Collins and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, the choices are many and varied. Whether you are hoping to start a new venture, expand an existing one, or simply improve your understanding of the world of business, libraries have a wealth of literature that can provide valuable insights.

From books on marketing and sales to those on finance and accounting, entrepreneurs can find a wealth of free information that can help them make informed decisions, grow their businesses, or grow their knowledge.

Business Insider notes that many libraries also provide access to databases and online resources that can be essential for entrepreneurs. From market research data to industry reports, it’s often possible to access the information you need to make informed decisions about your business. Add to this easy access to computers and the internet, and you have the means to conduct research, create a website or connect with customers and partners online.

Helpful Classes/Events

Libraries often offer a variety of classes and events that can be beneficial for entrepreneurs. Many libraries host workshops and lectures from industry experts and business leaders, providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful and experienced individuals in their field.

These events can cover a range of topics, from how to write a business plan to how to use social media to market your business. By attending these classes and events, entrepreneurs can gain new knowledge and skills that can help them succeed in their ventures.

Useful Space

Amongst the most invaluable uses of libraries for entrepreneurs is the quiet, distraction-free environment they provide. The United States Census Bureau reports that the majority of US employer businesses have fewer than five employees, and starting and running a small business can be a stressful and demanding endeavor. Finding a quiet place to focus and study can be difficult.

Libraries offer a peaceful and focused space where entrepreneurs can work on their business plans, research new markets, or simply read and learn without the distractions of a busy office or home environment. Some of the larger ones in major cities may even accommodate studying entrepreneurs in their science wings.

Public libraries typically have research rooms with access to computers, printers and copiers. It can be an ideal space to generate your documents, such as contracts and invoices. You can use a free invoice maker that’s online, using a template that you can customize with your own text, graphics, and pertinent information. Once generated, simply download as a PDF and send to clients or print out for mailing.

Ongoing Education

Although libraries are a crucial source of information, they cannot always bring our level of expertise up to the required level. If you need to brush up on your business expertise, it may be worth considering a return to education. The University of Cincinnati points out that online degrees have made it easier and quicker to receive accreditation, and, thanks to remote learning, it’s often possible to fit studies around your existing personal or professional responsibilities.

Consider a business degree to help you learn more about communication, marketing, accounting, and financial management. With your business degree, you’ll have a higher chance of success in the competitive market.

The good news is that libraries provide space to study for learning new things. For instance, if you want to learn to code so you can work on your own website, check out online resources that provide instruction and how-to guides that also help you troubleshoot programming problems.

Walkable Areas

Public libraries are usually in walkable areas, as measured by a high Walk Score of 70 and above. Take a break now and then to stretch your legs and snag some exercise, or hit the sidewalks when you need to telechat with a client.

Libraries offer a wealth of books and resources, classes and events, and a quiet, distraction-free environment that can help entrepreneurs learn new techniques and strategies and gain knowledge and skills whilst growing their businesses. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced entrepreneur, libraries can provide the support and resources you need to succeed in today’s competitive industry.

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