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How to Keep You Child Mentally Healthy and Give Them Hope

by John Michelson

It seems like every time you turn on the evening news there is a mass shooting or an overdose death right down the street. While these situations, are extremely frightening to you just imagine what they are going to your younger children. With all the media access available today there is no way to keep your child from hearing about the incidents. When you combine this with the violent nature of video games today kids are truly exposed to a lot more than you ever were as a child. So, besides locking up your kids and throwing away the key what are some things that you can do to keep your children mentally healthy?

Never Ignore The Warning Signs

It is typically normal for kids and teenagers to go through several behavioral changes throughout their younger years. However, there could be key warnings of several behavioral changes that could indicate that your child is struggling with life. If a teacher tells you that your child is acting out in class, picking on other kids, or getting into fights, there are no signs that should be shrugged off. Just the smallest things can lead to something major. For instance, if your child turns to food or video games to cope with the outside world this could later lead to addiction or obesity.

Act Like A Friend, While Maintaining Integrity As A Parent

As soon as your child begins talking the needs for communication is only natural. You want your child to tell you what he or she needs. Well, this concept should apply throughout the entirety of their life. Just because you are working a full time job, or your child is overwhelmed with afterschool activities this doesn’t mean that communication should cease to exist. However, if you want your kid to be open an honest with you there might be things that he or she tells you that upset you, but you can’t overreact in these situations. For instance, your child might be open enough to tell you that he or she had sexual intercourse for the first time, or tried drugs for the first time.

As a parent, your natural reaction will be to get upset, but if you overreact it is possible that your child will never be open and honest with you again.

Making Time To Spend Together

Regardless, of what your kid says or if they act embarrassed around, your child still needs you. This is why it is imperative that you make time to spend together. This doesn’t mean just sitting in front of the TV watching a movie. Take your child on a wilderness therapy program where the two of you can actually bond with other parents and kids. Plus, you might learn some useful skills.

Find Them The Proper Help

Some children just find it incredibly hard to talk to their parents. If this is this situation in your case, you might need to seek out professional help for your child. There are tons of counselors around the world that are trained in communicating and understanding younger children.

About the Author

John Michelson is a professional writer, editor, and the Internet Marketing specialist. He is passionate about to writing the news which is coverage in all aspects.

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