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Can Massage Therapy Help You to Recover from Chronic Pain?

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by John Gary

Chronic pain can be difficult to deal with, especially since it is hard to find relief. Patients with chronic pain will look for ways to lessen the pain they feel or try to find some kind of relief. For chronic back pain, massage therapy has been proven to help with the recovery process. Massage therapy helps to loosen the tension in the body which can help to lower the amount of pain felt in a particular area. In many cases, an individual who suffers from chronic pain has inflammation in the back as well as tight muscles, massage therapy can help to alleviate such issues.

Chiropractic Care and Massage

When it comes to chronic back pain, chiropractic treatment is a common option for patients. Along with chiropractic care, massage can be used to treat back pain. This is a non-surgical option that will help to improve pain management as well as movement of the body. Chiropractor in Jersey City can provide both chiropractic adjustments and massage in order to treat chronic back and neck pain.

Massage has become a more popular treatment for pain management, in particularly with back and neck issues. With massage, stress can be reduced as well as tension relieved, which leads to an enhancement in blood flow. The treatment can also provide a reduction in toxic substances in the body that can work to generate or sustain pain. Massage is a considerable option when it comes to managing chronic pain, with positive results seen in most patients.

Individual Care

Every patient is different, massage techniques can be customized to the patient. While some patients may have lower back pain, others may feel their pain in the neck area. A massage therapist will need to look at the patient and determine the care type needed. The level of massage therapy will also need to be considered. Some patients will be able to handle the pressure of deep tissue massage while others will need a lighter touch. Massage therapists are trained to determine the level of care needed in order to treat each patient effectively.

It is important that when you begin massage therapy for chronic pain management, you are open with your massage therapist. Discuss with them what works and what doesn’t work. The therapist will be able to read cues from your during treatment and will ask a number of questions before the massage begins. Be honest about your pain levels and areas of discomfort. This way, the therapist can treat you accordingly.

When you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, be open to a chiropractic adjustment and massage. In tandem, these treatment types work well to manage pain. Massage helps to open the body for adjustment and the adjustment can help to align the spinal column and neck to place less pressure on this area of the body. Speak to a professional in massage and chiropractic care in order to learn more about these treatment types and how they can be of benefit to you.

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