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4 Things to Consider in Choosing Alkaline Water Pitcher

by Richie Browny

Choosing an alkaline water pitcher from the variety of options can be confusing. That’s why we have compiled for you a comprehensive how-to guide. Don’t deny yourself the privilege to drink the first-class water with no impurities.

Have you recently met a person who always carries the alkaline water? You may have noticed her improved skin and powers of concentration and wonder whether it is the water that is doing the wonders? Or, has she got something else inside that alkaline water pitcher?

How does it even work? Why would drinking water with higher pH value be healthy for you? Studies reveal that it helps adjust the acidity in your body. The sediments that accumulate in your body after eating certain foods like meat, dairy, and eggs increase the acid levels, which may result in severe health diseases in the future.

With the rising health trends around the globe, people realize the importance of having alkaline water on the go. Buying bottled one could be expensive for most of us, and branded alkaline water can significantly screw our monthly budget. Imagine how convenient would it be to have a simple water filter pitcher that removes lead and converts your tap water into the alkaline one? 

After Beyonce kickstarted the trend of having alkaline water for healthy skin, people started coming up with more affordable solutions to the branded water. Finally, someone made up a fantastic design of an alkaline water filtration pitcher, which features a filter attached to the top part. The filter system removes all the contaminants and heavy metals from the water as it passes through the system. Doing that not only improves the taste but also increases the pH level by up to 2 degrees.

There are a few factors that you need to understand before you pick an alkaline water pitcher on your next visit to the store. In the article, we will be discussing those factors in detail so that you can make an informed decision.

Water Pitcher Size

First things first, you must have a rough idea of what size pitcher would be best suited for you. It should be based on how many liters of alkalized water do you plan on drinking every day. There are approximately 4.2 cups in a liter, and even with the top-notch model out there, the maximum size you can get your hands on accommodates not more than 3.5 liters.

Assuming you have a family of four and all will be using the pitcher, the number of times you will have to refill will increase, and this is where the lifespan of filters matter. For a single person, a small water filter pitcher should work fine.

Alkaline Filters

To know how long the filter lasts is just as important as finding out what is actually inside it. One must consider the replacement cost and the availability of those filters that fit into your clean water pitcher.

Many of the available models come with a reminder system that alerts you when to change the filters. Depending on the model, the device either beeps or just blinks using a simple LED indicator. No matter how fantastic you may be with schedules, it’s easy to forget to change the water filters, and a thoroughly selected product can help with that. Also, make sure you have opted for the water filter pitcher that removes fluoride and chlorine.

Water Pitcher Construction

Currently, alkaline water pitchers are available in two materials: glass and plastic. Unsurprisingly, glass water pitcher with filter is not very commonly used as they are more expensive, and there is always a chance of you dropping them.

The other option is plastic, which comes with a BPA-free tag. Why should you look for that tag on your pitcher? BPA-free certification ensures that the plastic in use is harmless when it comes in contact with the alkalized water. Plastic pitchers are easily available at a low cost. They also come in larger sizes compared to glass models and also weigh less.

Ease of Use

Along with being light-weighted, you may also want the pitcher to be user-friendly in terms of handling, washing, and replacing filters. You wouldn’t believe that there are so many poorly designed products out there, and you’d wish you had never bought them. The more the number of nooks and crannies the model has, the more difficult it gets to clean it.

A piece of honest advice would be to compromise on the style while choosing the pitcher. In case you get hard water, you may have to remove the additional buildup often. Otherwise, most water pitchers are easy to maintain.

In this guide, we want to provide you with the most important factors that must be considered in choosing the alkaline water filtration pitcher. Using it, you will be able to make an informed decision and not just rely on what most people are buying. You can bookmark this guide and read the summary pointers below to remember what to focus on.

  • Get your water tested or pick up a meter to check the pH levels. This will help you select the appropriate product for you.
  • Determine how many liters of alkalized water you will be drinking and select the size based on that.
  • Double-check the cost and availability of type/brand of filters that go with your pitcher.
  • Choose the most suitable material. Plastic with a BPA-free tag is highly recommended.


You’re now armed with all the information you may need to get the premium alkaline water pitcher ionizer available in the market. Before you start reading another article titled ‘Where to buy alkaline water pitcher,’ share this guide with your loved ones who might find it helpful too! We also urge you to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments!

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Richie is a Content Marketer with a curious personality. Currently, he is pursuing an MBA in General Management from Karachi School of Business & Leadership. Richie is fond of technology and the latest innovations it offers.


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