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6 Tiny Home Problems That Could Turn Into Giant (Expensive) Disasters

by Jesse Hughes

Having your own property or home is a great feeling but, with this feeling comes the responsibility of maintenance; this is not something that most people renting need to worry about.

In many cases you’ll first notice a very small problem and perhaps even think nothing of it. Unfortunately the smallest of issues can often turn into the biggest ones and the most expensive repairs.

That’s why you need to know the worst ones now; you can then act quickly if you find any of them and potentially save yourself a fortune.

home problems image1. Leaks

One of the most common small issues that can create huge problems is the humble water leak.

The simplest form of a leak is the dripping tap; which will cost you a lot more money than you realize.

A more worrying issue is the slight leak on a pipe in the wall; one that you may not even know about at first. This can lead to wet rot in your walls and even the collapse of the wall or ceiling. In addition the leaking pipe could split and let a lot more water into your home, potentially flooding it.

That’s why you need the number of a good plumber in Sydney and to act promptly if you discover an issue.

2. Electrical Faults

This is another small issue that can quickly become a major problem. A small short in a circuit can cause it to trip. You may simply keep resetting your breaker. Unfortunately this will not resolve the short issue.

If left, the short can cause a heat buildup; this can then cause a fire to start potentially causing a huge amount of damage to your property and your belongings.

3. Roof Issues

A leaking roof may first be noticed by a damp spot on your ceiling or wall. However, if you leave the issue untreated then your ceiling will get wetter.

This can lead to your ceiling collapsing as the dry lining can no longer hold the weight of the water. It can also lead to wet rot in the roof beams which can lead to structural damage.

That’s not a problem you want to be dealing with as it is likely to involve the destruction of most of your ceilings.

4. Cracking Rendering/Cladding

The cladding on the outside of your home protects the walls from the elements. It also helps to minimize your energy bills and keeps animals out of your home.

Cracking rendering is a sign that the rendering or cladding is no longer effective. This means it will allow damp in and pests, potentially giving you a serious pest problem.

Depending on the pest, you may find that a high level of damage can be done to your home.

5. Intermittent Hot Water

If you have hot water sometimes and not others then you may have a boiler fault. It is worth having it checked. If you leave it then there is a good chance you’ll end up replacing the boiler instead of fixing it.

6. Sticking Doors

Finally sticking doors may not seem much of an issue but they are usually the result of expansion. This is because there is too much moisture in your home.

A door that doesn’t close properly will make it difficult for you to heat a room efficiently. The moisture can also encourage the growth of mold spores; which are not good for your health.

About the Author

Jesse Hughes has carved out its niche in the interior design world with a dynamic, exuberant style, unfettered by fleeting trends and underpinned by a unique creativity. Jesse has broken the mould for high-end interiors, eschewing the ‘just finished’ look to embrace the layering of carefully sourced materials, one-off pieces and commissioned artworks with their client’s own collection. This approach has brought a refreshing authenticity to his writing and has built up an enviable word-of-mouth reputation for elegant and sophisticated design.

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