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How You Can Improve Your Life through Nurturing a Connection to God

by Jenny Griffiths

The Christian walk is not always an easy one. The devil is certainly an adversary and his job is to destroy as much as possible. Jesus told the saints they would have trouble in the world, but to fear not because He has overcome the world. For Christians, nurturing their relationship with God is essential for enduring life’s trials.


Why Is Your Relationship with God So Essential?

Visiting shows how essential your relationship with God can be for your life. Serving God is all about relationship. Those who barely know Him cannot possibly grow in Christ.

There are many ways to nurture a relationship with God. Reading the Bible helps you to understand who God is and why He works in mysterious ways in life. Praying helps to further develop the relationship and ensure it is a solid one. If your relationship with God has been diminishing in closeness, continue reading to learn why it is so important to get things back on track.

How Will Your Life Be Improved by a Stronger Connection with God?

There are many ways your life can be improved by developing a stronger relationship with God. If you are not reading the Bible, praying, or attending church, you are not living the effective Christian life God designed.

  1. One of the biggest benefits of growing closer to God is learning how to hear His voice. Jesus said His sheep know His voice and will not follow anyone else. How can you avoid making the wrong decisions if you cannot hear God’s voice speaking in guidance? To be able to hear His voice effectively, a close relationship is needed.
  1. Christians who focus on nurturing their relationship with God naturally feel more at peace. It is hard to find peace in today’s world, but Christ offers shelter from trials and tribulations. When you put God first in your life, He promises to work out every detail in your favor. He promises everything that occurs will be turned for your good.
  1. Deepening your personal relationship with God will help you to trust Him. Trust is essential in any relationship, including the one with your Heavenly Father. As you grow closer to Him, it is easier to understand trust is so important. The Bible says faith without works is dead and trust is essential for faith to shine.
  1. Serving God does not ensure your life will be perfect, but it offers strength to handle the journey. In weakness, His strength is made perfect in you. Having God’s strength to rely on is especially important when trials and tribulations rise.

God Is for You

God wants a personal relationship with you and wants the best in every circumstance you face. When trials come, He will guide you and give strength that makes the obstacles easier to overcome. Those who do not have God to rely on find themselves feeling hopeless.


God wants Christians to live a life of abundance in joy and health. Joy comes from a close relationship with God and putting your full trust in the fact that He will lead and guide in every circumstance. If your relationship with God is not where it should be, He is waiting with open arms to restore you to Himself.

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