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Four Things You Didn’t Know About Anti-Aging

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by John Gary

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Things people don’t know about Anti-Aging

People don’t really know that the thing we do in our everyday lives can cause anti-aging like what we eat, drink the bad habits some people have like smoking, caffeine or just by losing weight too fast. Then there the thing we do because we are taught to do as a kid like wash are face every day go outside and play. As are body change their natural ways that can cause aging like bone loss and other health issues.

Top Four things that help you from aging faster

There are ways to slow down aging like eating a healthy diet and avoid junk food, avoid smoking, have plenty of exercise in your daily diet and drink lots of water. These are simple steps you can do to slow anti-aging. People don’t know that changing the simple thing in your lifestyle can help your skin in so many ways.

Other simple things you can do to help Anti-Aging

The message is great for the skin on are face when people think the message the first thing that comes to their mind is back, legs, shoulders etc. But facial massage is great for aging they help release stimulate fibroblasts or cell in our face that will help the elasticity that we have lost in it that caused wrinkles in the first place. Something women mostly don’t do is make sure your hands are thoroughly washed before putting on makeup or skincare so that the bacteria don’t spread cause this can help with the aging. Open your pores before bed is a great way to help your skin never go to bed with makeup or anything else on your face or body. Keeping you pores open let them breath which is great for them. The most important thing you can do for yourself is make sure you are getting enough vitamins. Vitamins will do wonder for your skin it will help moisture it and bring the glow into your skin that your skin needs and use the proper protection when out in the sun like bb cream with sunscreen spf40. Protecting are skin is very important from the sun UV rays.

Never too Young to start worrying about Anti-Aging

You are never too young to start worrying about when to treat your skin you start aging as early as your 20s. Just because you think you are young doesn’t mean you are safe cause young person skin will age just as fast as a 40s person skin will if it taking care properly. Remember our body start losing collagen, bone loss, and other health issues as early as our 20s so that when the aging of our skin start as well. Aging is the last thing we think about in our early 20s, but that were it all start and for some we think about too late and wish we thought about in are 20s. Because when you’re young you don’t think about your diet, the makeup, being out in the sun, what we drink etc. But as an Adult you start thinking of ways to look younger, feel younger, so we start think about ways to change the anti-aging process even though we can’t change it, but we can slow it down.

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Editor’s Note: We would like to make special mention of anti-aging experts at MiamiD that specialize in “functional beauty”. Check them out.

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