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‘Yesterday’ – Art by Alfredo Zotti

by Alfredo Zotti

The painting was done at a time when I was coming out of a strong depression. It is partly from my imagination and partly inspired by a vase that my wife had bought from a second-hand shop. I liked this vase because it did not have a symmetric shape, being handmade probably by a creative person. The window was the window of my place and the flowers were from one of my wife’s pots that had these flowers, here in Australia called “Yesterday, today and tomorrow”.


‘Yesterday’ by Alfredo Zotti


About the Artist

As a sufferer with Bipolar 2 disorder, Alfredo Zotti decided, some 20 years ago, to attend university at the age of 30, knowing that knowledge is vital for people with mental illness. Ten years ago, he started to help sufferers online because he also realized that only by helping others can we truly understand the human condition. He also started to write a journal and found that writing this journal, in cooperation with other sufferers, made it possible for him to see mental illness from a totally different, positive perspective. Visit his blog to read his work.

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