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by Max Skinwood

A child looks in the mirror and what Cute baby
Do they SEE
Everything they want to Be
The Mirror is a River
In its self imposed prison
The Face in the Mirror has an
Imperfection in Its Reflection
Is it Vanity
The Mirror tells a Story
A Scar from a Cleat
Worn like a Badge of Honor
The Mirror now Shows the Scar
Hidden By Gray
Not SO Wild-N-Free
The Mirror is Showing Cracks
Like Ripples from a Stone
Ever Widening Ever Growin
Soon to Take Their Place
When you Look in the Mirror
Did the Child Become Everything
They Wanted
To Be
Can You Stand What You SEE
That was once

About the Author

Max Skinwood writes to bring up matters that interest him, the way he perceives them and the way they affect the world we live in. For Max, the rules are there are no rules and no subject is taboo. Le Bons Temp Roulé!

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One thought on “Wild-N-Free”

  1. My name is Eileen and I wrote a memoir about my life struggling just to survive. Well today I am 63 yrs old and still trying to survive and I ask myself WHY out of those 63 yrs I was happy inside mentally spirituality for about 27 years. I was then experiencing life like I had never known before, this was brand new for me. The very first thing was to thank and that is not a strong enough word to describe the love and support I was getting from my husband and my daughters who were 9 and 7 yrs old at that time but they were so happy to see me sober for the first time in their lives.and I was so sad that I had brought so much pain into their lives and now I was home and ready and waiting to give those girls a mom who loved them with so much intensity and more than I loved myself. What I saw the first day home was two beautiful girls who were broken and it broke my heart to see what my addiction did to them. If you have read my book you know the disgusting addict I was. Now my girls have grow into beautiful generous wives mothers sisters to one another and daughters to my husband and I myself I am so proud of them.I was told by my dr. in rehab that I had brain damage and I one day just what those consiquences would affect my life. At 50 yrs old i was diagnosed with early onset of alzheimers. Oh God more pain for my family. I sank into a depression that brought me to my knees and brought out the guilt in me that never goes away and now my girls see me again weak and confused. My pain today is worse then i recieved as a child. Some days I can talk not very good but those good days are always followed my retreat into alzheimers land I call it but so far I always come back for minutes hours and if I am lucky I am here for days but I do not know who I am it’s frustrating it makes me mad and just so sad again. so now I stay in my home with my great husband who has commited himself to care for me and it is not pretty and I love him after 40 yrs of God knows what, we stay together till the end..

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