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Tips for Starting a Stretching Program

Stretching regularly is important for your body to function properly and it also helps you feel less stressed. It can help with musculoskeletal problems as well as some nervous system disorders. Stretching decreases tension in the muscles, helps maintain flexibility, increases range of motion as well as circulation.

Listen to your body. Stretch only to your own comfort. Never stretch to the point of pain. This may change from day to day. What was comfortable one day may be painful the next. Always pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Practice stretching daily. Tight muscles tend to retighten so a consistent schedule of stretching can help those muscles learn to stay in a more relaxed state.

Don’t rush through your practice. Take your time and never rush or stretch too quickly as this may result in injury to your muscles.

What not to do; never bounce, hold your breath, or stretch further than your comfort level, and never use quick jerky movements. Pay special attention to your joints and never extend them further than they should go or place them in uncomfortable positions.

Stretch your entire body. Often we only pay attention to those areas that are sore or tight, but a practice that includes full body stretching increases flexibility, relieves tension, and improves circulation to the whole body making you more relaxed all over and improves the function of your entire system.

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