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Easy Ways to Tend to Health at Home

by Bekka Laurent

What does that really mean? I hear it all the time, “Healthy is too complicated and expensive”. Well I’m here today to hopefully convince you, Nope that is a very big misconception, give it a try.

Today I will be giving you 6 spots you can focus on to make some easy changes for your natural health lifestyle.

Focus on the Food… Real food

Health Food

Forget the sensational health claims. Words like heart health, fat free, sugar free … or any other keywords. In fact limit your consumption of boxed and labeled goods all together.

Foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and high-quality proteins and fats and what you want to consume.

I am simply talking about focusing on what will do your body good and no it’s not milk, It’s nutrients. Cleaning up eating and focusing on nutrients, not counting calories. The body will adjust and you will actually find you don’t eat as much food before.

Add Spice to Your Life

Spices are a food-grade herb meaning they can be ingested as food and with foods. Healthy is not supposed to be boring. Spices are nutrient-packed plants that you can add to just about anything giving it flavor and fun. This not only adds flavor but boosts your nutrient intake with everything you eat and drink.

With the herbs in the average spice rack you will positively affect every system in the body. So not only are you adding great taste to your meals but also helping your body in a positive manner. WIN!

Ditch Detergents & Petroleum Products

There are some 84,000 chemicals used on the market today. Many of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors. This means they have been found to interfere with the body’s endocrine systems. They act as synthetic hormones turning on and off controls throughout the body.

I am not referring to chemicals like gasoline or “garage” chemicals. I’m talking about everyday products like health and beauty products, makeup, cleaning supplies and even pharmaceuticals. Many of these products contain Parabens, Phthalates, & Fragrances (a catchall term). These should be avoided because of their ability to disrupt body systems.

Now I know what you’re saying, “I can’t do that. How am I supposed to clean the house, or keep my body clean and healthy?”

We’ve been sold for years that you can only have a clean ____(fill in the blank) by buying a certain product. But the fact is, you can keep everything clean and running healthy with easy to find ingredients like vinegar, lemons, baking soda, olive oil, and too many herbs to name in this article.

Execute Exercise

Exercising is an important aspect of being healthy. And this is a great habit you can start at any time. Studies have shown that working out can help you to feel more motivated and keeps your body functioning properly. So it would be a great idea to execute your exercise wherever you can find a moment.

You can accomplish a lot with only 15-20 minutes of exercise daily. And this doesn’t mean blocking out a tremendous amount of time for the gym. Simply finding moments for movement through your day. It can be as simple as parking farther from the building, taking the stairs, walking around the block after dinner, or even getting up and running around the couch during commercial breaks.

The point is to find moments throughout your day to execute your exercise.

Down the Drinks

Hydration is key to health. Drinking plenty of water not only dramatically boosts your energy, but it also removes unwanted toxins from the body. How much water do you need? Here is a simple formula for ya. Take your weight, divide it in half and that’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking daily.

To help give you motivation to drink more water, keep in mind that when you’re well-hydrated, your organs are able to perform the way they should. This allows your metabolism to speed up, which means you’ll burn calories more quickly. Haha, now, who doesn’t want that!?

Commit to Change

Being healthy is not a diet that you mess up on and quit because, “What’s the use I keep messing up”. If you do not like the condition your body is currently in, you need to decide to change it. This is a lifestyle commitment, not a fad that comes and goes.

So write down your goals. Make a plan by defining what you are doing this for. You will never be able to truly commit to change if you don’t plan for it. But don’t stop there, make a list of how you can accomplish these goals and take your step.

Deciding to become healthy is not an all or nothing ordeal. You’re walking towards natural health every day with every decision you make. Every decision you make is either bringing you closer to health or closer to illness, dysfunction, and disease.

Make your best decision with every choice you make every day. That is a healthy lifestyle and that is how easy it is to become healthy at home.

About the AuthorBekka Laurent

Bekka Laurent is a Master Herbalist/Holistic Living Specialist helping you live your natural health lifestyle. You can find out more at

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