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7 Things to Check before Joining a Retirement Community

by John Gary

Retirement communities are a boom for elders in the modern age lifestyle. There are many elderly people around us who want to live the golden years of their retirement in the company of their spouse and other like-minded people. Thus, they choose retirement homes to live. But, if you are planning to take this crucial decision, you must read between the lines what the community owners tell you. Choosing a good home for your old age can be misguiding especially when all the old age homes have different rules. You can look at the following facts which the retirement communities will not tell you.

1. Check for a doctor Retirement Community

You might assume that the retirement home you chose has a doctor on their premises. But, you might be wrong if you just “assume”. You must ask if they provide the services of an on-site doctor. If there is no such facility, it means that there are more cases of rushing to the hospital in an emergency. This increases the cost of medical expenses for the residents. There must be a nursing staff on the premises that takes care of the elderly.

2. Look beyond the brochure

You might get impressed by the glossy brochure and classy furniture in the lobby of the retirement community. But, make it a point to visit the place more than twice at different times to get assured of the quality of life provided at the place. You can also interact with other members already stating there to enquire about the place.

3. Visit during lunch or dinner

You must make a visit during the time of lunch or dinner at the retirement home. This is required not only to judge the quality of food but also about the culture of the place. You will be able to judge the behavior of the staff with elders. Also, you may ask for the procedure if someone does not show up for a meal.

4. Check for weather

You are making a huge choice to relocate to a place. If the place is too far from your earlier residence, you must check for weather conditions at the place of retirement community. It is recommended that you should not relocate to a place with extreme changes in weather. It is difficult to adjust to extremely new conditions in old age. You can make 2-3 visits in a year to the place before shifting so that you have a better idea of the weather. You can also ask the local residents about the same.

5. The atmosphere must be observed carefully

You must observe the behavior of the residents with each other while you visit the retirement home. It should be positive with each other like they do in a good retirement home in Toronto.

6. Ask about the services provided

You must ask about all the services provided to the elderly. You might be feeling weak on some days that you need assistance to be taken to the nearest mall for refreshment. You must ask for the provision of any such services that are not mentioned in the contract.

7. Ask about all the fees openly

Do not hesitate to ask about any hidden charges for the services of the retirement home. You might face some charges that you never knew at a later stage during your stay. Also, ask about the terminology in the brochure that you do not understand. If you feel shy to ask, you might repent later.

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