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Meditate Daily to Build a Life Full of Energy, Positivity, and Confidence

Guest Blogger: Mily Smith

In reality, how many of us take initiatives for self-realization? Time is one of the biggest hindrances in our lives that stops us from achieving enlightenment. Despite handling domestic and work pressures, we humans are almost forbidden to say ‘no’ to lethargies and weariness. Rather, we often land up as failures in discovering peace within us and instead keep fighting the battle to live life happily. Well, one powerful remedy that can convert your battling life torn with stress and anxiety to a peaceful one full of happiness and energy is meditation.

Neither any medicine nor any medical therapy can substitute meditation. It’s indeed one of the most powerful and effective techniques to free humans from acquiring any sort of physical complications. In fact, sages and doctors have always believed in meditation for generations. Surprisingly, meditation has cured a good lot of body diseases and therefore millions today practice it almost on a daily basis without fail.

Health experts say that meditation is required to be practiced with perfection. There are several meditation techniques designed for people of all ages which should be done with ease and without exerting any pressure on the body. So, it’s always advisable to watch specific videos related to the very meditation technique you are going to practice. There are many such videos available online in which you can watch it on a regular basis.

Now, take a look at some of the best meditation techniques that can bring positive changes in your lifestyle:

  • Zen meditation – The primary goals of Zen meditation are peace, awareness, and detachment. In fact, this meditation technique is considered to be the most effective among others. Those planning to get accustomed to meditation can kick off with this easy and effortless technique where one needs to imitate the silent Buddha. You simply need to sit cross-legged with eyes partially open.


  1. With Zen meditation, you can regain concentration and acquire an ability to stay focused.
  2. Negative thoughts get wiped off from your mind, thereby filling it with good and inspiring thoughts.
  3. Soothes your mind and makes you stronger in encountering stressful situations.
  • Concentration meditation – In today’s world, one needs to be mentally focused toward every aspect of life. In this respect, Concentration meditation lets you enhance your concentration power. One of the best ways to practice such meditation techniques is candle flame gazing. Light up a candle in a dark room and keep staring at it for at least for 15 minutes. This is indeed a brilliant way to develop concentration.


  1. With Concentration meditation, your power to focus increases to a good extent.
  2. Students can draw huge benefits from this effective meditation technique.
  3. Inner peace is extremely essential for the human mind that actually keeps one happy. Concentration meditation is the ideal source of extracting inner peace.
  • Hum Meditation – Hum meditation is one of the specialized meditation techniques that can effectively nurture your inner feelings, thereby making you psychologically balanced. For instance, if you are suffering from loneliness, anger, or depression, Hum meditation is the perfect choice that can transform you into a sensible human being.


  1. If you want to get rid of negative emotions, Hum meditation is the right option.
  2. Your restless mind gets pacified with such an effective meditation technique.
  3. Positive thoughts surround your mind and this keeps you happy and contented at the end of the day.
  • Mantra meditation – There are diverse applications and variations of Mantra meditation. If you want to gain psychic and intuitive powers, this is one of the best meditation techniques to go for. While chanting the word ‘AUM’, concentrate on the Third Eye Region. AUM is said to be one of the most powerful words having the most powerful effect in one’s mind and body.


  1. With Aum Mantra meditation, you can enhance your concentration level.
  2. You acquire a deep insight and your metal powers get augmented.

Meditation through Brainwave Technology

Apart from a wide range of meditation techniques, there are CDs which have been specially designed for people to meditate. It’s the magic of brainwave technology that can now let you meditate at any time of the day. Hemi sync CDs can be ordered online from any trustworthy website.

Listening to these special CDs will always take your mind to different worlds since the CDs are uploaded with different musical sounds. You may find some relating to nature while others come with soothing instrumentals. Once you get habituated in listening to these CDs, you are bound to remain miles from making blunders at your workplace as well as your domestic front.

So, make it a rule to meditate daily. In fact, if you stick to your rule, you will be the happiest person on earth without an inch of doubt.

About the Author

The author Miss Mily Smith is a health specialist. She writes about various meditation techniques that can help peeople improve their health standards.

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0 thoughts on “Meditate Daily to Build a Life Full of Energy, Positivity, and Confidence”

  1. Tree of Life says:

    I have been meditating since I was 12 and it’s amazing the benefits it has. I’m so glad it is getting more notice today – as stressful as every day life is these days, we need to take at least a little time every day to just be still and find ourselves. Thanks for the great intro to different kinds of meditation – I’ll definitely share the link the next time someone asks me about meditating.

  2. This article was on a different topic of mediation to what i was expecting but very interesting indeed. With todays lifestyles a positive mind and body are essential for dealing with everyday stress. The mediation techniques here are very interesting.

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