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Swimming as a Healthy Remedy

Guest Blogger: Teresa Dahl

It is common knowledge that exercise is good for the body and mind. It keeps us in good physical condition and helps distress and declutter the mind. Exercise and taking care of your body truly can heal and prevent many illnesses. Two years ago, I was in need of physical and mental healing. My body wasn’t able to do the kind of exercising I was familiar with – running and weightlifting – so I had to find another way.

On a spring day, a few years ago, I was driving a moped scooter around town. Feeling the breeze in my face made it clear that spring was in bloom. I felt free and fresh. I approached a four-way stop, waited my turn, and entered the intersection. A one-ton truck also entered the intersection, out of turn, and knocked me off my moped.

I don’t remember much other than waking up in a dried-up ditch. Ambulances rushed me to the Emergency Room. I had broken my femur, torn my ACL, MCL, and meniscus. I was not in good shape and I went into surgery right away.

The doctors fixed everything. But that fixing meant I was cut open, torn back apart, and filled with metal plates and screws. The surgery went well and saved my life, but the healing and the lifelong effects were still there.

After physical therapy and a good amount of healing time, I was still suffering. I took my exercise down to just walking. Even this was problematic. After a twenty-minute walk, my knee was swollen to the size of a grapefruit. My physical therapist told me that activity was good for my leg and knee, but I didn’t know if I could suffer through any more.

That fall, I got a pass to my local rec center. I made it a goal to go every morning after taking my youngest to school. I decided to try swimming. I was intimidated by the number of people in the lap pool. I felt like I had forgotten everything I had learned in swimming lessons! But, I put on my goggles and jumped in.

I have now been swimming daily for two years. I am in the best physical condition of my life. My knee is no longer sore from activity. Swimming saved my sanity. As once a person suffering from depression, I felt in control of my life and body again. Swimming truly healed me physically and mentally. I feel that swimming is an excellent way to let go of all of life’s problems for a moment.

About the Author

Teresa Dahl is a mommy blogger who enjoys writing. When she is not writing, she enjoys swimming and watching her kids learn swimming lessons through Swimjim.

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  1. Hi Ernest,
    Agree with you and like to say swimming is great cardio exercise to lose weight by burning fat and regulating metabolism. Swimming prevents from anxiety, depression and heart issues and increase energy levels. Swimming strengthens shoulders, arms and back muscles.

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