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Best 7 Tips for Students to Release Their Stress

by Jenny Richards

Stress can affect negatively in the mindset of students ruining their career and life as well. According to a survey, people ageing from 13 to 24 years are mostly affected, and most among these people are students. Now, stress can affect people for many reasons, but the concern should be on how to overcome it. has taken the initiative in guiding the students thereby motivating them with important tips to remain stress free.

How helps students in releasing stress? meditation

They help students release their stress with radio talks. They educate students on some of the important steps (mentioned below) to overcome stress and lead a healthy life:

Doing Workouts

Workouts are always suggested to have a fit body, but have been found effectual for relieving stress as well. Getting into exercising regularly can make an individual feel good from within. Even if not getting proper time for exercising, go out on walks for around 30 minutes daily, as it can help in reducing your stress level to a great extent.


One of the effective tips that can help students to release stress is meditation. This may sound simple, but the truth is sitting in a place quietly for nearly 10 minutes every day that can help in alleviating the stress level requires high concentration and dedication. For example, focus on a specific object for about 10 minutes following the instructions and pay attention to details. It indicates that focusing can be entertaining as well. Try meditating once, as it can prove fruitful. Along with this, follow some of the breathing techniques to find yourself in a relaxed state.

Good Night’s Sleep

Studies have shown that 6-7 hours sleep is necessary for every individual. In fact, it has been found that a small nap of 20 minutes can boost an individual’s productivity. Spending sleepless nights can not only hamper your next day, but also weaken your health. Though the radio talks, focuses on students getting to bed early, sleep well the whole night and wake up early in the morning being ready for the new challenge.

Start Living On Healthy Diet

Plan a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Prepare juices with fresh fruits containing Vitamin C like grapefruits and oranges, as it helps in energizing  immunity system and  reduces stress level. Seek help of a professional to create a healthy diet chart, if finding it difficult to do on own. Sometimes pizzas or other tasty meals can be tried out being tired of following a healthy diet plan, but you should get back to healthy diet soon.

Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is the process wherein a listener is engaged in using the link between his/her mind and body in a state of relaxation. This imagery offers students a harmonious and secured place to break free with no requirement of cash, car or reservation. So, they can visit the place whenever they want to.

Breaks Are Necessary

Obviously students get short breaks but long breaks, which are necessary too. Try enjoying your weekend in complete relaxation and schedule a time for yourself and for entertainment as well. Once coming back from the short trip, one feels rejuvenated and can start regular activities afresh.

Establish A Particular Goal

Every person should have a goal in life without which he/she might not know on moving forward. Try to find out about what your goal is as it can bring a change in your mood and life reducing stress levels. Easy process to start on this is filling your own goal-setting worksheet helping you to move in the right direction. aims at reducing stress level from the lives of students by imposing influential, motivational and useful radio talks.

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