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Staying Sane in the Office: Clever Ways to Deal with Mistakes and Stress

Since most people spend the majority of their day at work, eventually, everyone runs into Stressorsstressful situations. A buildup of stress and anxiety can lead to an increase of mistakes on the job. A new position or recent industry change can also lead to potential mistakes. Although stress and mistakes are part of daily office life, letting the stress or guilt from the mistake control your life can cause bleed-over into other aspects of your life, including home and relationships. If you want to stay sane in the office, try the following techniques to reduce stress and stay focused.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important ways to stay sane at the office. The majority of working adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. Health professionals generally recommend that adults get between 6.75 to 9 hours of sleep each night. If you get enough sleep, your body can naturally eliminate stress from the day. Sleep will also improve your productivity at work, and reduce the number of mistakes you make due to fatigue.

De-Stress at Night

Steps you take to actively de-stress after you leave the office can help reduce office stress and mistakes at the same time. Relaxation techniques, like meditation, yoga, or simply drinking a glass of wine each night or taking a bath can help unwind daily stress. The less stress you have built-up in your body, the better you will perform at work and the less anxiety you will have. Start a nightly de-stressing ritual to improve office productivity.

Let things go

The best way to prevent stress and anxiety in the workplace is to let things go. Everyone makes mistakes, and dwelling on them will only lead to feelings of guilt, stress, and more anxiety. Allow room for mistakes for both yourself and others. Remind yourself that it is just a job, and in most cases, the issues are not life-threatening. Forgive other employees, customers, and clients their mistakes as well to promote a spirit of goodwill in the workplace.

Turn mistakes into learning experiences

Mistakes are a normal part of working. Everyone makes mistakes no matter what position they are in. The key to avoiding anxiety and stress at the office is ensuring that all mistakes lead to learning experiences. After you make a mistake, consider the mistake and how you can improve next time. The answer could be as simple as double-checking your work, or it could be more complicated. If the mistake was due to lack of training, taking short courses in that area of experience can be beneficial to help prevent future mistakes.

Everyone faces stress and anxiety at the office, which can lead to mistakes. Ensuring you have enough training, sleep, healthy daily habits, and de-stressing techniques can go a long way toward preventing unhealthy stress and anxiety at work. All of these techniques combined become an excellent method to stay sane at the office.

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Kate Simmons is a freelance journalist and self-help expert writing on various topics.

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