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Exercise Can Reduce Memory Loss in Seniors

by Anna Brecken

Memory loss is something that impacts millions of seniors worldwide, and there’s not a real cure. The only thing that you can do is try to do everything in your power to prevent it from happening or, at least, lowering the chances. One of the best methods that you can follow is exercising. Studies have shown that exercising regularly during your life can have a very positive effect on the brain. This exercise doesn’t have to be intense (if you aren’t working on staying fit and building muscles). What’s important is that you keep your body active because the brain will be active as well.

A second method that is equally effective but short-term is using Nootropics. Nootropics are supplements that provide various benefits to the user such as improved cognitive ability, better memory, greater concentration, etc. We recommend you learn about Nootropics and try to find out as much as you can because they are quite helpful. Many users have reported that they have fixed or weakened certain mental issues that they’ve had.

With this said, let’s move on to explaining how exercise can reduce memory loss in seniors!

Exercise and the Brain

Not a lot of people know, but exercise can be beneficial to the brain. The reason behind this is, when you work out, your blood rushes through your entire system and your brain gets an increased amount of oxygen-enriched blood. This means that it can receive the benefits of this blood as well, considering that the more oxygen it has, the more efficient it is. Claims have been made that exercise can prevent memory loss in seniors, but we’ve found that there’s no evidence of prevention. However, it does reduce memory loss, which is also great.

Brain Games

It’s no lie that brain-games help develop the brain even further and make your cognitive abilities more powerful. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of seniors playing chess in the park in my hometown! Chess is a great brain game that promotes thought, strategy, memory, and various other things. Of course, chess isn’t the only brain game you can play – playing memory with cards is effective as well!


Neurobics is brain exercise science. Neurobics strive to improve overall mental capacity by doing specific activities that do so. You can do any of the following to make a difference and improve your memory, focus…

Break routine routines aren’t always good for you but doing something unexpected once in a while can be helpful to your brain.
Try to turn off one of your senses for example, eat dinner in silence
Do something different!

The Activities

Certain activities have been proven to make quite the difference when it comes to mental health.

– Painting – Painting wakes up your imagination and activates certain areas of your brain. You’ll be making your world come to life! On top of that, painting is relaxing and, even if you make mistakes while painting, you shouldn’t feel too bad about them. In the words of Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes, just happy little accidents.’’

– Crossword Puzzles – I’ve loved crossword puzzles when I was a kid but did you know that they are a great choice when it comes to improving your cognitive ability? Your brain will constantly be active while you’re figuring out how to solve a crossword puzzle!

Physical Exercise

As we mentioned before, physical exercise is recommended at all times due to the amazing number of benefits that it offers. Better stamina, an increase in blood flow, improving your brain’s capabilities… – These are only some of the benefits that regular, physical workout offers. In the end, you’ve nothing to lose when exercising, except the amount of time you use to exercise.

Test Your Recall

There’s no better way to keep track of your progress than by testing your memory/recall. Give yourself small tasks to remember and then check if you remember them some time after. You can even ask a friend for help.

About the Author

Anna Brecken is a writer for NootropicNation. He has extensive knowledge of Nootropics. He also writes for several other supplement and brain enhancement websites.

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