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Why Stretching is Important in Cold Weather

by Jeff Richards

You’ve heard it time and time again, stretching is important, but what about in the colder months? It’s even more important! When winter starts to creep in, the cold weather can actually impact your range of motion, recovery and increase your likelihood of injury. This is because your muscles will respond to the loss of heat by contracting and will need to do more work to do the things they usually do easily in warmer temperatures[1].


Dynamic Stretching

You may be used to static stretching in the summers months, and that’s perfectly okay, however colder temperatures cause muscles to tighten meaning that those static stretches you’ve worked into your routine just aren’t going to cut it. Use dynamic stretching to help increase blood flow and stretch things out before heading on a brisk winter walk or jog. Arm circles, jumping jacks, lunges and side bends are all great dynamic stretches, however, if you’re new to dynamic stretching check in with Motus Physiotherapy for custom stretching and exercises for your particular needs.

Stay Indoors

If you suffer from arthritis, have mobility issues or are just finding that your body doesn’t do what you need it to do in colder temperatures, consider switching to indoor activities. Winter is a great time to try new things – get a personal trainer at Future Fitness Training or take a yoga class at Pure Living Yoga. Online or in-studio, there are endless options to keep you active during the winter months.

Maintain Your Health

Keep yourself and your muscles healthy and injury free. Just because your physically activity may not be as intense as it is in the warmer months and you’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean you should let your physical therapy appointments fall by the wayside. Keep yourself injury free, and get personalized tips for stretching and cold weather exercise by visiting Lavallee Health Centre.

[1] Cold Weather Workout: Warm Up to Prevent Sore Muscles

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Toronto native Jeff has always had a love for writing. He first found this love in high school when he wrote articles for his fellow peers in the school newspaper. Since then, Jeff has successfully published two books, the first of which was published shortly after receiving his master’s degree in literature. With plans to write another book, Jeff’s passion for storytelling still continues more and more every day.

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