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How Caring for Our Neighbours Creates a Stronger Community

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Caring for your neighbour is important now more than ever. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc globally, though fortunately, some countries are on the tail-end, caring for and about one another is what will get us through these difficult times. Additionally, this goes beyond just the neighbours that live near you but includes all people everywhere, we should strive to treat everyone how we expect to be treated.

With caring for one another at the forefront of modern consciousness, we can also talk about the long-term benefits of uniting and looking after others. A collectivist attitude can build a much stronger community in your street, town, city or country and alongside stronger community comes greater quality of life for both you and others. In this article, we want to explore that further and have identified some major ways in which being kind to others and building a better community can help you.

Neighbours Chat

Employment, Work and Nepotism

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has let to countless job losses and many people’s businesses being forced to liquidate. Employment is a fundamental necessity for modern-day living and as well as giving you the funds to live comfortably, it also contributes to mental health by giving you a purpose in life.

This is a great reason to look after your neighbours. The truth is, many jobs and employment opportunities are identified through nepotism e.g. because you know the right people. Everyone has their own network of contacts and the broader that network is, the more likely you are to know someone who can help you. By being kind to others and building stronger relationships with those around you, you might find it easier to pick up new or better work on the recommendation of someone you know.

Forgiveness for Mistakes

Attachments and inter-personal relationships are built upon trust and understanding. A neighbour you never talk to or who you don’t engage with is more likely to be unforgiving when you make a mistake or they become angry with you. This is simply because you haven’t built up a rapport with that individual or developed a level of respect or understanding.

By looking after others, it’s much easier to make amends and gain forgiveness for misdeeds or wrongdoings. This can help a lot if all manner of situations, from business and the workplace to family feuds. Always e willing to listen to what others have to say and you’ll do well.

United in Celebration as Well as in Struggle

Building on the introduction point about Covid-19, when things go sour, having neighbours that look out for you can be invaluable. This doesn’t just have to mean emergencies though; for example, Muslims will pay Fitrana in May 2020, which is a religious due designed to allow those less fortunate to take part in Eid celebrations. This simple act forges a much deeper connection and appreciation for those less fortunate within the Islamic religion and is clearly one of the reasons why the faith has grown to become the second most followed in the world.

Whether you know you may be coming into hardship soon or not, knowing that there are people around you who will be willing to help, even a little, is a huge asset. After all, strong relationships are built around looking after others so that they will look after you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of creating a strong community by looking after your neighbours. In truth, there are countless advantages to being kind and caring, both for you and for others. Always look after those around you and you are sure to find yourself more spiritually and emotionally fulfilled.


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