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Relaxing Destinations for Recovery from the Stress

Guest Blogger: Heather RobertsCosta Rica

A lot of people enjoy going on a vacation packed with various activities and adventures. However, this tends to get really tiring, so many travelers just want to go to a nice and quieter place, away from the big city hubbub, and take the time for some quality relaxation. So, if you would like to skip destinations like New York, London, or some other metropolitan city, consider some of the following suggestions in order to have a more laid back time and get rid of the stress.

1. St Vincent and the Grenadines

In case you are looking for tranquility and peace, St Vincent and the Grenadines could just be the place for you. It’s a small island, located in the Carribean, near Barbados. This goes to prove that the weather will be as good as it can possibly be. A small drawback is that the prices for a couple of days holiday are quite high. However, there is an advantage to this as the place is really quiet. Pristine beaches, crystal clear water, blue sky and respectful locals. These are enough reasons to make you want to start saving for a holiday in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a coastline of 762 miles, so finding a secluded spot on the beach won’t be too big of a problem for you. However, in case you would like to increase the level of relaxation, there are a lot of resorts that include spas, where one can enjoy massages, yoga, detoxifying massages, and a lot more. During the spa treatments, you can even request such local ‘products’ like volcanic mud. A lot of the hotels in Costa Rica are on the coastline, so you can basically spend all your vacations going from the hotel to the beach and back. Apart from the beautiful ocean, Costa Rica also has vast jungles where you can go in order to feel closer to the nature.

3. Marrakech, Morocco

If you want to become part of the Arabian nights, there is no better place for you than Marrakech in Morocco. With exceptional drinks and meals and warm climate, you will have a really relaxed time in the place where at night the only light is the moon and stars in the sky. Even though Marrakech is quite popular among tourists, be sure that there are resorts, which are more peaceful than the rest. However, the beaches are a bit away from the city, but if you want a trip in the desert, this would be the easiest thing.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Some of the best places for relaxation are the small towns, for they are usually neglected by the masses and are therefore quite peaceful. A good example for such a destination is Dubrovnik in Croatia. It is a location, oozing with history. Go on a guided tour or simply wander around the streets on your own in order to plunge deeper into the town’s culture and history. The old town of Dubrovnik is part of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO is quite stunning and picturesque. A nice activity you can get into, without wasting too much energy is to hop on a cable car for a tour around town. Finish the day at a small family restaurant in order to get a taste of the amazing Mediterranean cuisine they offer.

5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Be closer to the nature by spending a couple of days in the mountains. Jackson Hole in Wyoming is an ideal opportunity for such a holiday. However, you don’t necessarily have to camp in a tent. You can easily stay at one of the magnificent resorts, two of the best being the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and the Snow King Resort. Jackson Hole’s top attractions include rivers, lakes, wildlife, hot springs, Yellowstone Park and many more natural spots. The area is so vast that it would be quite easy to find a more peaceful place, free of tourist crowds.

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