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Modern Alarm Systems for Keeping Your Home Safe

by Jesse Hughes

It doesn’t matter if you live in a high crime area or the best part of the country; installing a modern alarm system is a good idea. The problem is there are so many options on the market that it can be very difficult to know which the right system for your needs is.

Modern systems are much more sophisticated than the older alarm systems. They have sophisticated backups, protection against tampering and they can usually be monitored across the internet from anywhere in the world. In fact a modern alarm system can give you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Of course the fact that they are more complicated means that you need to speak to a professional electrical security services. They can help you to choose the right system and install it for you.

There are several critical elements you should look for in the best modern alarm systems for keeping your home safe.

Asset Protection

This covers devices that are designed to alert you if your valuables have been tampered with. This is a great way to monitor your valuables even if they are not actually taken.

Doors & Windows

It is important to incorporate a traditional style burglar alarm which monitors your windows and doors. If they are opened or even tampered with, the alarm will sound. A good version of this system will also connect to a central office allowing them or the police to check your property for you.

This is what people traditionally think of when considering an alarm system but there is so much more you can do.


A camera is a great way of checking the interior of your home while you’re away. You can use it to keep an eye of the dog or it can alert you if a movement sensor is triggered.

Exterior cameras can also alert you to the presence of an intruder and even record their image. They can also be a great way of checking who is calling to see you. You can then decide whether to answer or not.

Any camera system should be hooked into your wireless network. This will allow you to access your home from anywhere in the world!

Safety Features

A modern alarm system will also warn you if the carbon monoxide levels are high or if you have a fire or even a flood! This is done through a system of sensors in your home and will ensure that you are protected from a huge array of issues.


The most important part of any alarm system is power. If you can cut the power and prevent the alarm system from working then it is not going to offer a great deal of protection for your home and valuables.

This is why your alarm system needs a backup power source. This will ensure it alerts you and others of the issue. The most common option is a UPS which will also protect your system from power surges.

About the Author

Jesse Hughes has carved out its niche in the interior design world with a dynamic, exuberant style, unfettered by fleeting trends and underpinned by a unique creativity. Jesse has broken the mould for high-end interiors, eschewing the ‘just finished’ look to embrace the layering of carefully sourced materials, one-off pieces and commissioned artworks with their client’s own collection. This approach has brought a refreshing authenticity to his writing and has built up an enviable word-of-mouth reputation for elegant and sophisticated design.

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  1. James Forrester says:

    Making sure our valuables are well-kept and secure are all things we think about before going to sleep at night, and these are all wonderful suggestions in doing just that! Thank you for this post!

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