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  1. Marcus Love says:

    Erotica lovers will enjoy “The Green Line Connection.” Hooking them from page one, they’ll struggle along with a twenty-something couple’s modern day issues of running an independent bookstore, an enormous home mortgage and the threat of infidelity from a May-December encounter with the founder of an urban nonprofit.

    “Fifty-Nine Minutes” doesn’t leave very much time for a happily-married advertising executive. After she successfully woos the lucrative account of a buck wild heiress via an all-male-revue strip show, she falls into a lust triangle of passion, deceit and regret.

    “Etched in Memory” forever reminds a heartbroken billionaire, in the not-too-distant future, that money is never an issue and ultimate power can buy anything or anyone, even prevent the death of his true love—120 years ago!

    Rising Tales, Vol. 1 (ISBN: 0977438626) is a smoking hot collection of erotica from Marcus Love.

    “Floppy Drive” revs up to top speed as a down-sized computer programmer gets exactly what he wishes, and then some, at a sleazy adult bookstore on the streets of Inglewood, California.

    “The Last of Her Kind” The final tale set in the year 2037, reveals the Alpha Centauri star system as the latest in intergalactic incarceration. When the Celestial Flock, a draconian religious-corporate empire, convicts a fornicator to a life sentence in deep space colonization, a lonely female alien fills the lustful void to years of his solitary confinement.

  2. Renée Jéan says:

    People with real questions will find real answers and real solutions through real words spoken by a real God by reading “Verse In Motion: Moving God’s Word in Your Life Personally and Eternally.”

    Have you ever wondered, “What is the meaning of my life?” “How did I survive while others did not?” “Why am I still here?” “What is my true purpose?” “What is God’s unique plan for me?” “What do I want to accomplish before I die?”

    The purpose of this book is to transition readers from going through the motions to putting God’s “Verse in Motion” to achieve real life results. No matter whom you are or where you are, this book will extensively demonstrate step-by-step principles on how to apply God’s Word to every aspect of your daily life. Each Verse will encourage, enlighten, and elevate you to a place of serenity and security so you can stand and sustain in the midst of your circumstances. This book outlines that through an intimate and infinite connection to your God, you will discover your true potential and predestined purpose, thereby living the life you always wanted to live!

    We each have been given a unique Spiritual gift to share with the world. How we perceive, plant, and produce this gift is critical to our lives. This book grows as you grow with a built in personal journal. Take this devotional and doctrinal 370-page journey with Author Renée Jéan to be deeply rooted and release your gift to produce powerful good works in your life and purposeful good fruits in the lives of others.

    To purchase book visit:

  3. The Harvest of Inadequate Lives is a graphic tale of Finn, a gay man struggling with the world. The book is poetic, erotic and for anyone who likes a real read, the one you will not want to put down – available on amazon. For those who have read it, then I am only too happy to discuss….

    Patrick S. Stokes

  4. Be inspired and informed through the eyes of a poet, and let this book of poetry and powerful short story open your heart and mind to the power of love, faith, hope, and the blessings of God.

    This book that you are about to embrace, titled “Through DeVinci Eyes: Poetry of Evolution” will inspire, intrigue, inform, and transform you from the heart to the mind. This book of poetry is unique in every way, it engulfs you with romance, uplifts you with inspiration, emotionally ties you with its truths and insight, while opening up your intellect with information and new ways of living. The author of this book finds ways to touch every one of your senses from mind to heart while leaving you satisfied and enlightened to his unique experiences, observations, and studies. Leonardo DeVinci Thomas has been touching lives through the years with his unique poetry worldwide by way of the International Library of Poetry. He has also been named By International Library of Poetry, “Who’s Who in Poetry”. Yes, everything you have read thus far is true and you will not regret purchasing this book, it will be a great addition to your collection for years and years to enjoy. I was blessed with wisdom and insight at an early age, and God has bless me to bless you through poetry and one day through my artistry as well. This book will impact your life like you would not imagine. So, enjoy the benefits of owning this unique book of poetry and buy more as a gift to a friend(s) or family member(s). Don’t wait any longer, purchase now and bless yourself.

  5. There is a rising new poet named Leonardo DeVinci Thomas, who is the author of “Through DeVinci Eyes: Poetry of Evolution.” This book is great and you will be touched by his gift. This book of poetry is unique in every way, it engulfs you with romance, uplifts you with inspiration, emotionally ties you with its truths and insight, while opening up your intellect with information and new ways of living.
    web site:


    My thoughts ponder deeply of us,
    Strolling along a moonlit beach.
    The air is fresh with a windy breeze,
    While the water pound upon our feet.
    We play and fall to our knees in an embrace.
    I gaze into your eyes as you lightly blush,
    Gently caressing your face with a soft touch.
    I reveal the passion I feel for you,
    As we kiss, our hearts conjoin as one, thru and thru.
    Our body temperature begin to rise within us,
    So hot that the water is steaming upon touch.
    Time cease while we entangle with passion,
    Exploring each other like never before.
    But, we come to our senses to realize,
    That we are not alone to our surprise.
    There are onlookers along the beach shore,
    Watching us like kids at a candy store.
    Our body temperatures were intense like fire,
    We must calm down our passion of desire.

  6. Marcus Love says:

    One night. . . in the not-too-distant future, retribution will be reborn.

    R O G U E: The Watcher Chronicles

    He lies in wait near the villages; in ambush he murders the innocent, watching from the lurking places for his victims.
    –Psalms 10:8

    Experience more at

    Available on Black Friday, November 26th 2010 at Amazon and bookstores near you.

  7. Marcus Love says:

    R O G U E: The Watcher Chronicles, ISBN: 0974436834

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