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It’s Easy to Complain When Things Go Badly

by Evelyn Horan Sometimes I fall into feelings of self-pity. It’s easy to compare myself with friends and people I admire. There’s always someone …

Grandmother’s Pump Organ

by Evelyn Horan When I was a young girl, I often visited my German Grandmother in our small town of Gatesville, Texas. I always enjoyed her tiny living room …

Old Time Remedies I’ve Experienced

by Evelyn Horan I was born on a farm in Gatesville, Texas, over 80 years ago. When it comes to medicinal home remedies, I think I’m somewhat of an expert …

Fall Days

by Evelyn Horan I know summer must end as seasons all do, and this summer has been quite warm and sometimes uncomfortable. Our faithful air conditioner in this …

Do You Remember When There Was No Air Conditioning?

by Evelyn Horan Just recently on one of these hot “dog-days” of summer that are common where I live, I was reminded of how much I appreciate our air …

Where Are My Eyebrows?

by Evelyn Horan When I was in my early thirties, I endured the painful process of plucking my full eyebrows several times a month. Soon, I grew weary of that …

My Wardrobe Closet

by Evelyn Horan When spring approaches, I begin to organize and review the clothes in my closet. All winter clothing needs to be relegated to the back area. …

Am I Looking at My Mom?

by Evelyn Horan When I stand before my bedroom full length mirror, instead of the slim, young girl I remember in my early twenties, I see a senior citizen …

Laughter is Nature’s Gift to Us

by Evelyn Horan Sometimes when we feel stress and concern from our daily experiences, we wonder how we can go on with a cheerful attitude. We feel burdened …

The Story of Rudolph

by Evelyn Horan A man named Bob May, depressed and broken-hearted, stared out of his apartment window into the chilling December night. His 4-year-old …

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