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Laughter is Nature’s Gift to Us

by Evelyn Horanlaughter

Sometimes when we feel stress and concern from our daily experiences, we wonder how we can go on with a cheerful attitude. We feel burdened down with nowhere to turn to solve our problems. When we pause a moment and consider the situation, we can often receive help from others through Nature’s gift of laughter. Our friends and family can help relieve the pressure and tensions that have occurred. Then, we are able to regain good judgment to solve our problems. Just a lighthearted comment often brings a smile or a chuckle that can lighten the situation we are facing that now seems insurmountable.

I’m certain many of us can recall times when a friend or family member has been aware of our concern and has tried to ease the situation with a humorous approach to the difficult problem.

In sharing lighthearted laughter from their remarks: “Hang in there! You can solve the problem. It’s a piece of cake!”— “You can do it. I’m sure of it!” — “We’re backing you all the way!” — You’re the mighty problem-solver. Go for it!”

“Oh, sure,” we say, “easy as falling off a log, as long as it’s not too high. Remember I’m afraid of heights!” We all laugh heartily, and that smoothes out the past tensions.

With a feeling of relief, and a happy attitude, we can now look at the situation clearly, with confidence in our ability to meet its challenges. Because of Nature’s gift of laughter, through caring friends and family, that has now helped, we are renewed and fresh. With clear thinking, we can approach new methods to solve our problem that seemed too difficult, only moments ago.

With much relief, we are grateful to our friends and family for their love and understanding as they can help provide a way for us to overcome the pressures of life that can come from studies at school, at the work-place, at home, and other avenues of daily life that can lead to stressful living. It is not difficult to believe; we should happily praise Mother Nature for giving us the gift of laughter to share with one another. Now, we often find our problems are no longer insurmountable, and our daily struggles and concerns begin to seem minor as they become more easily solvable.

About the Author

Evelyn Horan is a former teacher/counselor. Her articles and stories have been published many times in periodicals for children and adults in both secular and religious publications. She holds General Elementary, General Secondary, Pupil Personnel, and also School Psychologist life credentials in the state of California. Horan is the author of a number of books including Aging Requires a Gentle Attitude. Learn more about her work at

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