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Health Benefits of Acupressure – What You Need to Know

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As the adverse and side effects of most prescription and over-the-counter drugs come to public knowledge, people are increasingly looking at alternative therapies and treatments. Acupressure is one such alternative therapy with multiple health benefits.

With its origin in traditional Chinese medicine thousands of years back in history, Acupressure works by stimulating specific points in the body to relax muscles. Acupressure can be applied via needles (acupuncture) or other means, usually massage with fingers, to create the desired effect.

Acupressure has been used to treat various kinds of sickness but more notably for headache, body/back pain, chronic fatigue, muscular stress, and psychological stress. The therapy has also been used to enhance complexion and figure as it increases circulation. There are sources that claim that it is even good for treating sexual dysfunction.

Recently an eye-catching report in The Straits Times, Dr. Ho Eu Chin of Tan Tock Seng Hospital told about the reported benefit of acupressure in relieving motion sickness—a common problem among many travelers. The doctor talked about a woman who learnt to use acupressure-point stimulation while experiencing symptoms of motion sickness during air travel.

While anyone can be taught to try out acupressure points for relief from sickness, insomnia, or headache, it is important to remember that the massage technique must be applied correctly and not in certain conditions. For example, acupressure shouldn’t be applied to body surface with any skin infection, burnt skin, or areas affected by any contagious disease. Pregnant women should be particularly careful about where they apply acupressure since stimulation of some points can induce labor/contractions.

When getting acupressure therapy from a professional, it is recommended to go to a licensed or certified therapist—someone who has credentials and preferably some degree of experience. Acupressure is known to work well with most other therapies or treatments but it is advisable to consult a professional and your doctor before taking acupressure therapy with any other existing medication and/or treatment methods.

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