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A Few Diet Ideas to Reduce Belly Fat

Guest Blogger: Kate Witz

Reducing belly fat is not an easy job to do. You need lot of smart work rather than hard work to tackle the problem. Belly fat is known as the most ugliest and stubborn fat. Making the abs flat needs dedication and determination. Following a balanced diet along with some exercises is the best way to achieve a flat belly. Dieting is a wrong and unhealthy idea to lose fat deposits. Eating less amount of food decreases the metabolism rate and you lose weight in a slow fashion. Introducing some lifestyle and diet changes in your routine can result into healthy weight reduction. Here are a few diet ideas to help you reduce belly fat and stay healthy.

You can shed ab flabs by following natural or unnatural methods. The natural method is by following a healthy diet and exercising, while the unnatural way is by going for some laser treatment, surgeries, gadgets, or some medications. The unnatural methods are unsafe and have various side effects on the health. The natural methods are effective and result into permanent weight reduction.

Observe Your Calorie Intake

Before you start up with your plan, observe all your eating habits for a week. Note down how many calories you take in everyday and how many you burn. Find out all your food likes and dislikes and how much time you take to eat every meal, and note down the meal timings too. This research will help you to cut down your calorie intake.


Following a perfect diet plan alone won’t help you to achieve your goal. You also need to do some exercises to burn the excess fats. Exercising before your breakfast is the best way to burn excess fats. You can opt for some cardiovascular exercises like jogging, swimming, walking, and cycling for getting the toned abs. A minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise is sufficient for your body to come in the best possible shape. Exercising boosts up the energy levels and the metabolism rate that burns the fats and keep you active for the whole day. The active body is less prone to fat deposits and keeps you energetic throughout.

Consume More Fat Burning Foods

Losing the stubborn fat is a challenge. Consume high amount of fat burning foods that make you shed excess kilos throughout the body that indirectly reduces weight. Foods high in fibers and proteins are the best foods to keep your tummy flat. The fiber foods detoxify your body and keeps your digestive system clean. It throws out all the unwanted waste materials from the body and cleanses it without leaving any food particles. The left undigested food particles slowly lead to fat deposits that make your stomach looks bulgy. Fiber rich foods like fruits, oats, whole wheat foods, barley should be consumed daily.

Protein rich foods like egg whites, sea food, lean poultry, and tofu should be eaten for all the meals. These foods keep you full for long hours that avoids cravings and thus you eat less during the next meal. Proteins increase the energy levels and the metabolism rate and burns fats instantly.

Stay Away From Sugar

Most of the belly fat is caused due to excess amount of sugar. Sugar contains high amount of calories in it that leads to belly fat. If you eat a balanced diet comprising of proteins and fibers, you are less likely to get the sugar cravings. If you get it anytime, substitute the craving with a low calorie sweet. You can simply sprinkle the cinnamon in the coffee or mix with your oatmeal. This spice stabilizes the blood sugar level and keeps you full for long.

Vitamin C

The higher the cortisol level, the more you eat. When you are under stress, your body secrets the hormone and you eat more foods. Vitamin C foods control the secretion of hormone and balances the calories in your body. It aids in producing the carnitine compound, which helps the body to turn fats into fuel that makes the vitamin your friend for burning excess fats easily. Vitamin C rich foods are kiwi fruits, bell peppers, Orange, Lime, Kale, and many more.

Green Tea

Green tea is the best fat burning food. It detoxifies your body and burns excess fats immediately. It works with your abdominal muscles and fights with the fats to burn the calories that results into flat tummy. It helps in neutralizing the effects of unhealthy foods resulting into weight loss.

Avoid Unhealthy Food Intake

Avoid eating junk foods like burgers, pizzas, fries, and other calorie rich foods to control the calorie intake. These foods are hard to digest that results into fat deposits. Increase in the calorie intake than burning it results into stubborn fats around the stomach area. These fats are heard to burn and needs lot of time to get rid of. Hence, it’s advisable to control the intake of such foods and stay healthy.

Follow the above mentioned few diet ideas to reduce belly fat and observe a huge difference in your body.

About the Author

Kate Witz has been writing articles and blogs on health and weight loss topics from the last 2 years. She is awarded with the best writer award for consistent performance in her company. The weight loss ideas given by her are really helpful.

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  1. Kate Great Post and information! This is a great guideline to follow when trying to lose weight. I recently started to eat more corn, black beans and brown rice. I try to find more high fiber foods when I grocery shop now. Thanks again for sharing.

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