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What to Expect during an Addiction Treatment Program

Guest Blogger: Donna Marshall

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More than 23 million people in the world are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Addiction can develop in people of all ages, races, and genders. Treatment is available for any person who has a problem with alcohol or drug addiction. However, many clients hesitate to get help because they are not sure what to expect from treatment programs. The following is an overview of the various kinds of support and help that a person with an addiction can receive in a program:


Detoxification is the first stage of treatment and recovery. An addicted person clears toxins from his or her system in this process. It is necessary for each person to go through this process to rid himself or herself of the drugs and alcohol that the body has become used to. Detoxification can last anywhere from 72 hours to two weeks. A reputable rehabilitation facility will provide a clean and serene environment for the addicted person to go through this painful process. Some facilities may also have medications that may ease the discomfort of withdrawal.


A full service addiction treatment center will have a staff full of therapists and counselors. Since addiction has a lot to do with a person’s psychological status, counselors can help an addicted person by having sessions. A counselor can teach a person how to cope with feelings such as depression and anxiety. He or she can also teach a client constructive ways to deal with stress. Alternative stress handling methods can prevent future drug abuse. Group counseling sessions are also something that would be offered in a rehabilitation program. During group sessions, clients share stories with other clients. Many friendships develop during group sessions.

Group Activities

Some facilities incorporate group activities into their regimen of services. Clients may go on hiking trips together or partake in music and art creation. Finding alternative activities to occupy the client’s time can help that person to avoid drug and alcohol abuse triggers.


One of the most important parts of getting care for an addiction is understanding everything about it. Help facilities will teach clients about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Clients will also learn statistical information that can help them to make better decisions.
A person with a drug or alcohol addiction has nothing to fear. Treatment centers are in business to make sure that each client returns back to a stable and healthy life. A multitude of services is made available to accomplish that task. For more information about an addiction treatment center, learn more here.


About the Author

Donna Marshall is a blogger and writer, and currently writes for a number of publications. For more information about an addiction center, learn more here.

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