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How to Increase Your Interview Chance?

Guest Blogger: Janet Steward

A resume is not the only thing that assists to increase your interview chances; well established contacts and social aptitude, too, can support your job search and play a crucial role in enhancing employment possibilities. Resume can present the candidate’s profile summary, by showcasing his/her understanding about the job. Hence, with a powerful attempt to communicate your excellence and qualifications in the field, you can make it easy for the employer to find your suitability for the given offer.

Ultimately, communicating excellence in the field is the major concern, while applying for the job, which could be done with references, recommendations, and offering well-established networking skills. Thus, effective resume writing is a must, but, you can’t underestimate the importance of well-established contacts, references, networks, etc., that show your professional built career and practices.

How to make or break interview chance?

Consider things from the employer’s point of view; it will guide you toward creating necessary differentiation the employer will find it interesting to know about. Go through the given points to analyze and use such strategies to improve your chance of getting selected for the interview.

Establishment of effective business networks

Well-established professional contacts can be turned into business relationships easily and the candidate having this unique advantage is considered beneficial from the recruiter’s point of view. Such exceptional network building and management skills are traced by the recruiter.

Social media understanding and on-field marketing

Professional excellence and understanding of on-field experiences are tracked with your social networking skills. They can be commercialized with creation of products and services awareness. So, such extraordinary achievements can speak for you.

Business oriented performances and benchmarks

Counseling and convincing abilities are crucial for marketing and advisor jobs. Hence, let your team building and procedural understanding be integrated with professional practices to get the recruiter’s attention. Creation of benchmarks with quality control and statistical tools can communicate your technical excellence.

References and recommendations

Offer prior working performances with essential recommendations bring due consideration by the recruiting authority. Let your skills and potential be communicated with an appropriate person in the field, who knows your performance level and output generation skills.

Memberships and teambuilding spirit

Express some of the essential memberships or professional groups joined that keep you well-updated about the field changes; it makes you competent and safeguards your interest in the offer, with creation of added advantage on your side.

Professional relationship management and public relation

Select proper resume format that comprehends job offer requisites and strategically deals with excellent teambuilding skills and offer recommendations to put forth your commendable performances in the field. Definitely, everybody wishes to differentiate his/her application; but with reliable references, contacts, recommendations, professionally built networks, it becomes simple to get the recruiter’s attention.

Identifying the areas of improving possibilities of selection for the interview

With clarification of interest and career objective, think about the given areas to increase your performance.

Well-organized resume and cover letter

First and the prime most tool, that is used for presentation of candidature, is resume. In addition, you can send a cover letter, stating professional expertise to relate yourself to the offer.

Professional experience with commendable performances

Customize resume details with reference to remarkable performances in the area that expresses your talent to resolve issues associated with the job. Ensure that strategic and tactical handling of on-field problems supports your qualifications and professional expertise.

Resume skills and technical excellence

Denote professional skills and technical certificate courses accomplished to offer accurate services, where technical perfection and performance efficiency is given due consideration.

Updated technological understanding

State updated skills and technical knowledge with brief and exact description. Deal with current industry trends and developments.

References, contacts, and recommendations

Provide essential references that offer relevant feedback about your performances, willingly. Don’t give irrelevant references or it may spoil your image in the recruiter’s mind.

Updated profile summary at job search

Keep on updating information or profile summary with additional accomplishments. Be ready with something extraordinary, that the employer will be satisfied to have you there, as an organizational asset.

Thus, with concrete understanding of what you desire to get in your future as a life time goal, determine the contacts and references that mean more than your work understanding. Offer the ones who willingly give rational justification for your selection and understanding of work.

Since, advanced job search has become somewhat transparent, providing specific, yet powerful details, will surely add something extra to enhance your selection chances. Thus, with systematic approach to resume and profile development, get a new insight into making your interview chance.

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About the Author

Janet Steward is a Professional Resume Writer. Her articles provide necessary tips for writing resumes. This article of hers will help you to nail a successful interview. For more details you can visit her blog at

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