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Encouraging Your Loved One to Enter Addiction Treatment

Guest Blogger: Jezebel Lake

When you have decided that your loved one must seek help for his/her addiction as soon as possible, you will need to carefully plan out your actions. If you are to go the common route of staging an intervention, you may want to bring along a licensed professional who can help with communication issues. The ultimate goal should be to gently but resolutely encourage your loved one to enter a treatment center, where sobriety can be found and retained.

The tone of the intervention must be measured but firm. Loving family members should tick off the benefits that will come with seeking treatment. For example, if the addict has recently experienced the breakup of a marriage, then you might explain how getting sober can lead to better relationships and the opportunity to experience true romantic love once again.

Because addicts often stop taking care of themselves and will likely find it hard to make any kind of responsible decision, you can search for treatment centers in the area that appear to be the best fit. Some addicts are under the impression that these centers are akin to jail, so you might bring a few photographs to show them what the true reality is. In many cases, the clinics are beautifully organized facilities with all kinds of elegant amenities.

Of crucial importance is your unwavering support. People will need to know that their family members and friends are backing them through the entire process. Even if their addiction has led them to disruptive behaviors in the past, you will need to assure them that all is forgiven and that becoming healthy is the main goal.

If addicts have other commitments that they are worried about, you can also help organize a process through which these general responsibilities will be met. For example, many individuals have very close relationships with their pets. They may balk at entering a recovery program because they will have to be away from their beloved dog or cat. Assure them that the animal will be taken care of throughout the duration of their stay at the facility.

Finally, be prepared to persevere through even the worst outbursts. Your loved one will likely be unhappy with being put on the spot, especially in front of a whole multitude of family members and friends. Speak in polite tones throughout the process and continue to insist that professional help is the single best path to gaining sobriety and taking back one’s life.

Once your loved one has finally been prodded to enter treatment, you can consult with others on how to best help them transition into their new sober living situation. Once sobriety has been achieved, old wounds will begin to heal and families can come together in peace.


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Jezebel Lake is a popular blogger who enjoys writing about health and therapy. Read more on addiction at, a respectable drug treatment center.

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